Room Acoustic Solutions

Interior Acoustic Treatment Specialists

ReSpace offer a complete turn-key interior acoustic treatment solution for rooms suffering from poor acoustics. We undertake projects of any size from single meeting rooms to large new build projects, across a range of sectors including offices, schools, restaurants and halls.

We offer a complete solution from survey to installation, including a unique free of charge acoustic assessment, consultancy, design & quotation service. We supply and install highly effective, tested sound absorbing and sound proofing products. 

We provide a single source of responsibility for our client's interior acoustic needs and are experienced in achieving acoustic comfort in any interior space. Our focus on modern and stylish design sets us apart. We offer highly effective design led solutions using market leading brand products at affordable prices.

Acoustic treatments used to be an unwanted necessity, with varying results and a bland aesthetic. ReSpace Acoustics continue to lead the way in turn-key interior sound control solutions and helping to raise awareness of the benefits of optimised room acoustics, particularly in education and the workplace.

We provide a complete interior acoustic solution from survey to installation.


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Sound Absorbing Acoustic Wall Panels

View our market leading range of high performance acoustic wall panels with Class A sound absorption