Urban Development

Studio Soundproofing Solution

Soundproofing / Sound Isolation to Recording Studio in East London

Urban Development are a music studio based in East London. The main recording studio and rehearsal room had never been sound proofed or sound treated and as such, whenever an artist was rehearsing the studio the rest of the building was unusable.

Working within tight budget and timeframes we used floor, wall and ceiling acoustic treatment to effectively create a sound proofed acoustic box within the room. This was created using a combination of acoustic materials all chosen to minimise loss of space.

We also installed a concrete cored acoustic door and sound absorbing acoustic panels to reduce the reverberation time to the perfect recording level and stop the room being too ‘lively'. The result was spaces that could be used concurrently, whilst not disturbing the office based staff, or the neighbours.


Client > Urban Development

Location > South East London

Applications > Studio Acoustic / Soundproofing

Acoustic Products > Wall, ceiling & floor soundproofing