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There are many acoustic panels now available to combat the problem high reverberation or echo in rooms with hard surfaces. We would like to put forward our thoughts on the top 5 acoustic panel systems available to the UK market.


We talk impartially and from experience, having used many different acoustic wall panels systems, either specified on projects or used in our own design schemes. This small list takes into account a number of factors including ‘effectiveness’ (most important, we believe), aesthetics, ease of installation, durability and supporting test data.



Ecophon 'Wall Panel C' - Class A

Ecophon 'Wall Panel C' - Class A sound absorbing acoustic panels in Texona glass fibre fabric

When it comes to reducing room reverberation, this class A sound absorbing wall panelling system is incredibly effective. The result of installing this panelling system to echoing rooms is quite amazing. It is the first product we recommend for highly reverberant areas, it looks great, its aesthetically versatile, suiting all spaces from high-end boardroom environments to noisy school canteens. The Texona fabric range is fashionable and timeless.



Fabric Wall Panelling

Stretched Fabric Wall | Wall to wall fabric wall panelling

This system achieves the highest possible marks for aesthetics and the look and feel of high quality. In terms of flexibility there is nothing that cannot be achieved. This system is site built by specialist installers. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall stretched fabric with a huge range of hidden track profiles. Very high levels of sound absorbency can be achieved with the right core thickness and fabrics. Certainly not the cheapest option, but with fabrics from Camira to Kvadrat to Paul Smith the design possibilities are endless and beautiful sound control can be achieved.



Printed Acoustic Panels

Custom Printed Acoustic Panels

We have now overcome the old issues of reduced acoustic performance and fabric printing quality problems. It is now possible to produce over sized acoustic panels with high resolution printing the fabric with stunning results. Class A sound absorbency can be achieved and we believe this solution should be seriously considered by anyone looking for ‘office art’ or intelligent ways of branding receptions, atria, common parts, restaurants and canteens. It combines acoustic benefits, with high quality art, branding or marketing.




Offecct Soundwave Acoustic Wall Panels

Offecct Soundwave panels are an excellent way of providing acoustic treatment to spaces by way of absorption and specifically diffusion. Although they are not as effective at reducing echo through sound absorbency as the Ecophon panels already mentioned above, they provide an excellent feature and texture and are available in many different textures and designs.



Ecopon Super G

Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Wall Panels

Ecophon Super G panels are a surprisingly versatile solution where durability and impact resistancy is required. They are an attractive way of treating environments such as sports halls, leisure centres and gymnasiums. The woven Super G glass-fibre surface is extremely durable, with the panels achieving Class A absorbency.


For more information on the above acoustic wall panel systems, contact ReSpace Acoustics. Who provide a complete assessment, design and installation service.

Rotherfield School | Sports Hall Acoustics
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Re-space Acoustics were contacted by Rotherfield Primary School in London for a complete survey, assessment, design and installation acoustic treatment solution for their sports hall.


Respace Acoustics performed a survey and assessment on the sports hall to find the reverberation time was 3.20s. This was very high which was resulting the students and teachers having uncomfortable hearing when using the sports hall for activities.


Re-space Acoustics then implemented Ecophon Solo and Ecophon Super G panels onto the sports hall ceiling. This reduced the reverberation time to 1.10s,  which made a significant difference.


Ecophon Solo & Super G Panels


In result of this the students and teachers can now use the sports hall for more activities as the sound absorption is better causing less echo.


Ecophon Products | The Newest
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The school classroom environment now has a brand new acoustic ceiling system ready at their grasp. Ecophon have launched this new product that sets a new benchmark for efficiency, durability and performance. the product known as Master Rigid will change the way teachers and students interact in the classroom.

Master rigid has been developed for this specific role as school are in high demand for acoustic solutions. The master rigid will provide the best acoustic solution for the school everyday requirements in terms of sound and hearing.

The new reinforced Akutex FT surface, has proven to be ten times stronger than Ecophon’s original Akutex FT. This also comes with the benefit of the tiles being securely installed as well as being easily taken apart when needed.

Master Rigid uses 70% recycled glass wool with a plant based binder. This is instead of the normal petroleum-based binder, which helps reduce the environmental impact. This shows Ecophon’s 3RD technology at is best.

“Put simply, the best acoustic ceiling system for the classroom is now ‘kid-proof’,” a statement by Shane Cryer the Concept Developer for Education at Ecophon.

“The system will play a key role in promoting excellent speech communication between teacher and student without the need for teachers to strain their voices, leading to a reduction in physical and mental stress.”

The lower the reverberation time, reduced sound pressure levels and low frequency bass absorption the more comfortable a classroom can be for both teachers and students.

The UK has 33,000 hearing impaired students in the education mainstream, therefore this product is especially beneficial to them along with all students.

“Optimised acoustic classrooms also assist with learning, concentration and memory,” says Shane. “Master Rigid’s excellent durability means it is ideally suited to the classroom environment where impact and tampering from below are very real possibilities in some UK schools. In turn, this also helps to reduce wear and tear, increasing the life-span of the ceiling, which helps reduce costs. In fact, it had not previously been possible to offer this level of impact resistance without compromising on aesthetics, but Master Rigid meets stringent acoustic standards while still giving a high end finish.”

In summary the new Master Rigid is ready to set the highest standards for acoustic improvements in the education system. Both students and teachers will be able to share acoustic benefits together.


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We thought you might like to see some completion photos and details of recently undertaken acoustic treatments using acoustic wall and ceiling panels by manufacturer Ecophon. Please forgive the quality of some of the images, our installation team may well be the best in the UK, but their photography skills could do with some improvement :-) .


Early this year ReSpace was awarded EPIC partner contractor status by market leading acoustic product manufacturer Saint Gobain-Ecophon,  this will be the 1st in a number of blog posts which talks about the various projects we have undertaken in the past 12 months or so – using Ecophon sound absorbing wall and ceiling products; which we believe offer the best value for money versus acoustic performance and aesthetics.


We were contacted by French bank BNP Paribas to carry out the full TelePresence room build, which included full strip-out, new soundproof wall construction, joinery, plastering, decoration, flooring, full design and project management, and of course, special attention to room acoustics.


TelePresence Room Acoustics

TelePresence Room with Ecophon Wing floating ceiling and Dot lighting


Good acoustics are critical to ensuring the user experience when using the expensive TelePresence virtual global meeting equipment is maximised. This is why Cisco have strict guidelines to ensure the room is properly sound isolated but that the room has the optimum reverberation time. We achieved both of these criteria with aplomb, even if we do say so ourselves :-)

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Here we have created a stunning feature wall using our stretched fabric acoustic wall lining system. 



This specialist site fabricated system was installed to create an attractive feature wall in a busy video conferencing space. It also acts an excellent sound absorption surface and has created a perfect acoustic environment ideal for video conference use.


Each piece of track is cut to size, with individual pieces of fabric cut and stretched in place by skilled ReSpace installers. We used the Europost II fabric by Gabriel for this installation for its vibrant colour range and impressive felt like surface.


Our fabric wall system is a visually impressive solution to a wealth of interior acoustic problems.


For more information – please visit our website –

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ReSpace Acoustics has relocated to larger offices in London, with new showroom due to be completed by the end of March 2013.


Thank you to all of our customers for their continued support. We welcome visits to our new office and showroom situated next to the O2 arena, Greenwich Peninsula; address as follows: -


ReSpace Acoustics, 9th Floor, 6 Mitre Passage, Greenwich Peninsula, LONDON, SE10 0ER.


A short walk from North Greenwich tube station on the Jubilee line.


The ReSpace Team.


ReSpace Acoustics Awarded EPIC Contractor Status by Saint-Gobain Ecophon
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We are proud to announce we have been awarded ‘EPIC’ (Ecophon Partnership in Contracting) status by Swedish acoustic product manufacturers Saint-Gobain Ecophon.


Ecophon Partnership in Contracting is a unique relationship between Saint-Gobain Ecophon and a very select  number of contractors within the UK & Ireland. This partnership recognises the high standards of installation finish and service to the end customer.


EPIC Contractor Status

ReSpace Acoustics are now Ecophon Parters in Contracting


Respace Acoustics | Sevenoaks Rugby Club
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Sevenoaks Rugby Club in Kent contacted ReSpace Acoustics for a complete survey, assessment, design and installation acoustic treatment solution for their Rugby Club.

Respace Acoustics achieved the perfect sound sonic environment with a lowered reverberation time in these areas using a combination of  acoustic products. In this installation it was an acoustic ceiling board.

Acoustic Ceiling Board


With this acoustic ceiling board installed the room had much better sound quality which enabled people to talk, laugh and drink more comfortably.


Close up of ceiling board


The Rugby Club installation was a complete success with another very happy acoustics customer.

Lymington Village Hall | Acoustic Treatment
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Lymington Vilage Hall in Hampshire contacted ReSpace Acoustics for an acoustic treatment solution for their village hall.

Respace Acoustics achieved the perfect sonic environment through the installation of a variety of acoustic products. These products included Wall Panel A & C, Hanging Acoustic Panels.


Acoustic Treatments


After the installation was complete the hall could then be used more comfortably for meetings and other functions due to the lowered reverberation time. The panels installed absorb the hard sounds so that there is less echo and interference when people are talking.


Acoustic Wall Panels


Another satisfied customer from a Respace Acoustics installation.



Benefits Of Good Schools Acoustics | Sound Education
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Their are many benefits for the education system through the implementation of quality room acoustics. Improving the teaching space sound environment through sound absorption in schools is an increasing requirement for an optimised learning environment.


Here are some quotes from speakers at the recent Sound Education conference…


1. If we design something better than the minimum requirement, we achieve far better results


2. In treated rooms, you notice background noise going down, while the sound of the teacher becomes far clearer


3. People’s audio canals are not completely developed until the age of 17/18


4. Half of schools built in the past 20 years haven’t complied with acoustic regulation, despite it being obligatory


5. Until 20 years ago, there were absolutely no regulations around acoustics in schools


6. My second message after ‘get acoustics right’ is ‘love your acousticians, call them in early’


7. There are 5 key design elements in classroom design: lighting, ergonomics, air temperature, air quality, acoustics


School Acoustics


For more information on sound education visit the following link > sound education.

NEW! – Ecophon Solo with integrated Philips Lighting
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Ecophon have launched a new innovation acoustic product, a hanging acoustic panel and lighting solution all in one called ‘Soundlight Comfort’.


The product uses the phenomenally successful and effective Class A sound absorber called ‘Solo’ by Ecophon with integrated Philips LED lighting to create an ‘all-in-one’ solution for outstanding acoustic performance and high quality lighting.


When suitable, Ecophon Solo is our ‘go to’ product for combating rooms with high reverberation times or echo. Now we can offer an innovative and stylish LED lighting solution in our newly designed spaces and proposals for existing ceiling treatments. Contact us for more information and prices.


Soundlight Comfort > Hanging Acoustic Panels with Integral Lighting

Soundlight Comfort > Hanging Acoustic Panels with Integral Lighting

Sound Light Comfort

Sound Light Comfort

Sound Light Comfort

Sound Light Comfort > High Performance Acoustics & Lighting

Sound Proofing > Solutions & Treatments
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A new survey by Which? indicates that over 3 million people suffer disturbance from noisy neighbours. Sound proofing does not have to be the expensive inconvenience that many people believe it to be. ReSpace Acoustics endeavour to resolve these acoustic problems, quickly and cost effectively.


A simple email with a description of the problem and approximate dimensions of the room, problem wall or ceiling allows us to provide an accurate estimate of cost to carry out the sound proofing works. Our comprehensive quotation and proposal allows our clients to see the real cost and look to take the treatment to the next level. A simple survey, firmed quotation and proposal and we can be carrying out the works within days.


Sound Proofing needs to be done properly and is most effective when using tested, high performance products installed by experienced sound proofing contractors. With many other solutions and systems here are the basic sound proofing solutions we offer: -




Ceiling Sound Proofing



Wall Sound Proofing

Wall Sound Proofing



Floor Sound Proofing

Floor Sound Proofing

School Acoustics > Benefits of a good sound environment
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The benefits of a good sound environment in Schools are huge. Good acoustics are crucial to an optimised teaching and learning platform. We help the education sector achieve the building regulations standard BB93 for new schools and strongly believe well established schools should be afforded the same benefits. For more information on our services and recommended acoustic products please click on the image below.


Benefits of good school acoustics

Benefits of good school acoustics

Office Acoustics | Benefits of a good sound environment in the open plan office
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We are undertaking more acoustic improvement works in the commercial sector than ever before. It is clear that more people are becoming aware of the benefits of a good sound environment in the workplace – from staff restaurant to meeting room to open plan office. 


Providing a quality acoustic environment in the office is one of the most rewarding investments a business can make. Here we look at some of the benefits of good acoustics in the open plan office environment : -


Open Plan Office Acoustics

Open Plan Office Acoustics > Benefits





Ecophon Solo | Optimum Absorption
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With new shapes and sizes we continue to find Ecophon Solo panels one of the most flexible and effective sound absorption panels on the market.

Ecophon Solo - Benefits

Ecophon Solo - Benefits


Acoustic Panels | Our Projects using Acoustic Panels
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Acoustics | 4 ways sounds affects us
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Below is a brilliant TED talk by Julian Treasure on the way sound affects us. There as some very interesting and quite shocking information on the affect of poor acoustics in the open plan office.


“Your productivity is reduced by as much as 66% in a noisy open plan office compared with quiet rooms”




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Open Plan Office Acoustics > ISO 3382-3
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We deliver open plan office acoustics to achieve the new ISO 3382-3 measurement standard. Visit our new webpage for more details @

Open Plan Office Acoustics

Open Plan Office Acoustics | ISO 3382-3

Office Acoustics > New Website Page
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Visit our new office acoustics website pages @

office acoustics

New Office Acoustics Web Page


SOUNDWAVE Acoustic Panels
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The SOUNDWAVE® series of acoustic wall panels by Offecct are a brilliant product for both improving room acoustics and creating a stunning feature to any space.

We will let the installation images do the talking – and show the versatility in design these products offer: -


Offecct Soundwave Swell

Offecct Soundwave Swell

Offecct Soundwave Scrunch

Offecct Soundwave Scrunch - Off-White


Soundwave Flo Panels

offecct soundwave swell

Offecct Soundwave Swell in Europost Colours

Offecct Soundwave Standard Colours

Offecct Soundwave Standard Colours

Office Acoustics | Meeting Room & Corridor Acoustic Solutions
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Office acoustics are increasing increasing in importance as organisations understand the benefits of good quality listening environments. Many businesses are experimenting with a variety of different acoustic solutions in a variety of different areas in and around the workplace.


ReSpace Acoustics have been awarded many projects in the field. Some recent projects are shown below:



1. NPS Barnsley | Corridor Acoustics


NPS Barnsley contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution for their corridors within their busy office building. Poor acoustics in building common parts can be disruptive to adjacent areas. ReSpace specified Offecct Soundwave panels to reduce reverberation and create and feature.


Offect Soundwave Swell


Products Used & Benefits Achieved

1. Installation of the Offect Soundwave Swell.

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Effective as well as complimented design

4. Improved corridor acoustics achieved



2. Expedia | Meeting Room Acoustics

Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company is to take over 80,000 sq. ft. of office space in Central London, they are due to take over the award winning Angel Building top two floors for their new office space. They contacted Respace for an acoustic solution for their new meeting rooms.


The meeting rooms within the building had very poor acoustics. This made the room very difficult to hold any meeting/conference as the speech and sound echo was very high.


ReSpace recommended Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panels to solve the acoustic problem. These acoustic panels lowered the reverberation time within the room making speech intelligibility and general sound control massively improved.


Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


Products Used & Benefits Achieved

1. Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panels installed

2. Lowered reverberation time & echo

3. Modern design implemented

4. Improved meeting room acoustics achieved



3. Intela | Meeting Room Acoustics


Intela contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution for their video conference meeting room.


Intela had extremely poor acoustics in their video conference room. This was due to minimal sound absorbing materials and a myriad of hard surfaces. With the sound reverberation high, it was very difficult to have video conference meetings  at all.


Printed Acoustic Wall Panels


Products Used & Benefits Achieved

1. Printed Acoustic Panels Installed

2. Lowered reverberation time & echo

3. Printed custom design panels

4. Improved meeting room acoustics achieved


Soundtect Acoustic Panels
Friday, February 17th, 2012  | posted by
Soundtect Acoustic Panels

Soundect 'Tetris' Panels

Soundtect offers a line of stunning acoustic panels to improve sound quality and reduce noise levels of any indoor environment. Multi-dimensional sculpted acoustic panels give a discrete sound-control system, sophisticated in design they are perfect for both residential and business environments. Effectively any area with surplus sound or persistent sound pollution can benefit from Soundtect panels.

The exceptional design quality of Soundtect acoustic panels enables them to fit into virtually any design theme while adding an elegant and functional decorating feature. More importantly,the panels absorb excess noise to improve indoor sound quality considerably. Soundtect acoustic panels are proven to reduce sound reverberation(echoes). They achieve a remarkable minimum of 0.6Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) to an outstanding 0.95 NRC.

Hall Acoustics | Acoustics Solutions
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Function rooms and halls are showing a growing interest in acoustic development. Function rooms and halls are used for a variety of activities so acoustically the rooms needs to be of high quality.


The below projects show ReSpace at work:



1. Glaziers Hall | Hall Acoustics


ReSpace Acoustics were contacted by Glaziers Hall to provide an acoustic solution for their large function space.The room walls in the room are plasterboard and the floor is wood planks, therefore this cluster of hard surface makes it difficult to hear anything within this space.



Products Used & Benefits Achieved

1. Installed Ecophon Solo acoustic rafts

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Complimented existing design and lighting

4. Achieved total hall acoustics



2. The Navasartion Centre | Community Hall Acoustics


The Navasartion Centre in London, contacted ReSpace for an acoustic solution for their function room.


The Navasaration Centre function room is used for a variety of functions. They had very poor acoustics due to a myraid of hard surfaces, few being the large wooden floor and high ceilings.



Products Used & Benefits Achieved

1. Installed Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panels

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Complimented existing design

4. Complete hall acoustics achieved

Library Solutions | Acoustic Solutions
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Libraries are now showing an increased interest in acoustic fittings and solutions. Libraries require quality acoustics as they are an area of silence for the public to read, learn, work and research in.


ReSpace Acoustics have been awarded the following Library Acoustic Projects:



1. Franklin Wilkins Library – Kings College | Library Acoustics


ReSpace acoustics were contacted by Kings college in London to provide an acoustic solution for their library.


Before Respace Acoustics, the Franklin Wilkins Library had no sound absorbing materials, making the acoustics within the room very poor. This made it an uncomfortable and noisy environment for anyone using the library. Kings college sought for total library acoustics; a deadened sound environment for the pupils, teachers and visitors to study, work and read in.

Ecophon Focus Ds

Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Installed Ecophon Focus Ds

2. Reducer reverberation time & echo

3. Complimented existing design

4. Complete library acoustics achieved

2. Southsea Library | Library Acoustics


Southsea Library awarded ReSpace Acoustics the acoustic solution package in Portsmouth.


Library acoustics are sought to have complete deadened sound. The full library experience consists of the ability to hear your own thoughts, read a book from cover to cover or work, study and research in an environment that has an inbuilt structure of almost silent sound.

Texaa Stereo suspended Acoustic Panels


Products Used & Benefits Achieved:


1. Installation of Texaa Stereo suspended acoustic panels

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Compliented existing design

4. Complete library acoustics achieved

Sports Hall & Classroom Acoustics | School Acoustic Solutions
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The Educational Sector is now showing increased interest in the implementation of acoustic products to a variety of areas within their schools.


The main three areas are as follows:


1. Sports Halls


2. Classrooms


3. Corridors


Respace has been awarded a few acoustic projects within the Educational Sector, see some case studies below:



1. Chichester High School | Sports Hall Acoustics


Chichester High School contacted Respace for an acoustic solution for their multi purpose hall. Before the installation the pupils and teachers were unable to use the hall comfortably as the acoustics were so poor causing loud speech and sound echo.



Ecophon Wall Panel C


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Ecophon Wall Panel C installed

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Achieved magnificent sports hall acoustics result

4. Complimented existing colours & design



2. St Johns School | School Acoustics


Respace was contacted by St Johns School for an acoustic solution for their noisy classrooms, corridors and sports hall. The school had been experiencing real problems in terms of the acoustics in all parts of the school and decided to install and acoustic solution to the three areas.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Ecophon Solo class A absorbent acoustic ceiling rafts, Ecophon Wall Panel A class A absorbent acoustic wall panelling and circulation corridor area installation of acoustic, British Gypsum ‘Gyptone’ ceiling system.

2. Massively reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Complimented existing colour and design scheme.

4. Achieved complete school acoustics success.



3. Ysgol Yr Hendre School | Sports Hall Acoustics


Respace were contacted by Ysgol Yr Hendre School in Wales for an acoustic solution for their sports hall. The sports hall needed to be used for a variety of activities but with the acoustics so poor, this could not be achieved.

Ecophon Resistant Wall Panels - Ecophon Super G


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Ecophon impact resistant wall panels – Ecophon Super G

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Impact resistant so hard ball games can still be played

4. Complete sports hall acoustics achieved



4. Hotham Primary School | Sports Hall Acoustics


Hotham Primary School contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution to their sports hall, with added custom design. The sports hall was impossible to teach, learn and play in due to the high reverberation time and echo.


Impact Resistant Acoustic Wall Panel - In Custom Design


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Impact resistance acoustic wall panels installed – Ecophon Super G

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Custom printed to add colour

4. Achieved complete sports hall acoustics, the hall can now be used for a variety of activities.













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