DAI Europe | Office Acoustics
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Respace Acoustics was contacted by DAI Europe in London for an acoustic solution in their meeting rooms, boardroom and manager offices.

DAI Europe were experiencing sound problems within the meeting, boardroom and managers offices. The sound reverberation time was too high causing uncomfortable echo and feedback.


Acoustic Rafts & Acoustic Wall Panels


Respace Acoustics achieved an acoustic solution for DAI Europe through the implementation of high performance acoustic products, which included, acoustic rafts, acoustic baffles and acoustic wall panels. These were installed into the office rooms to lower the reverberation time and echo so meetings could be held in a sound sonic environment.


Acoustic Baffles, Acoustic Wall Panels & Acoustic Rafts


The installation was a complete success, with another acoustic solution met and a happy client.


Rotherfield School | Sports Hall Acoustics
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Re-space Acoustics were contacted by Rotherfield Primary School in London for a complete survey, assessment, design and installation acoustic treatment solution for their sports hall.


Respace Acoustics performed a survey and assessment on the sports hall to find the reverberation time was 3.20s. This was very high which was resulting the students and teachers having uncomfortable hearing when using the sports hall for activities.


Re-space Acoustics then implemented Ecophon Solo and Ecophon Super G panels onto the sports hall ceiling. This reduced the reverberation time to 1.10s,  which made a significant difference.


Ecophon Solo & Super G Panels


In result of this the students and teachers can now use the sports hall for more activities as the sound absorption is better causing less echo.


Sunday, May 05th, 2013  | posted by

There are many acoustic panels now available to combat the problem high reverberation or echo in rooms with hard surfaces. We would like to put forward our thoughts on the top 5 acoustic panel systems available to the UK market.


We talk impartially and from experience, having used many different acoustic wall panels systems, either specified on projects or used in our own design schemes. This small list takes into account a number of factors including ‘effectiveness’ (most important, we believe), aesthetics, ease of installation, durability and supporting test data.



Ecophon 'Wall Panel C' - Class A

Ecophon 'Wall Panel C' - Class A sound absorbing acoustic panels in Texona glass fibre fabric

When it comes to reducing room reverberation, this class A sound absorbing wall panelling system is incredibly effective. The result of installing this panelling system to echoing rooms is quite amazing. It is the first product we recommend for highly reverberant areas, it looks great, its aesthetically versatile, suiting all spaces from high-end boardroom environments to noisy school canteens. The Texona fabric range is fashionable and timeless.



Fabric Wall Panelling

Stretched Fabric Wall | Wall to wall fabric wall panelling

This system achieves the highest possible marks for aesthetics and the look and feel of high quality. In terms of flexibility there is nothing that cannot be achieved. This system is site built by specialist installers. Floor to ceiling, wall to wall stretched fabric with a huge range of hidden track profiles. Very high levels of sound absorbency can be achieved with the right core thickness and fabrics. Certainly not the cheapest option, but with fabrics from Camira to Kvadrat to Paul Smith the design possibilities are endless and beautiful sound control can be achieved.



Printed Acoustic Panels

Custom Printed Acoustic Panels

We have now overcome the old issues of reduced acoustic performance and fabric printing quality problems. It is now possible to produce over sized acoustic panels with high resolution printing the fabric with stunning results. Class A sound absorbency can be achieved and we believe this solution should be seriously considered by anyone looking for ‘office art’ or intelligent ways of branding receptions, atria, common parts, restaurants and canteens. It combines acoustic benefits, with high quality art, branding or marketing.




Offecct Soundwave Acoustic Wall Panels

Offecct Soundwave panels are an excellent way of providing acoustic treatment to spaces by way of absorption and specifically diffusion. Although they are not as effective at reducing echo through sound absorbency as the Ecophon panels already mentioned above, they provide an excellent feature and texture and are available in many different textures and designs.



Ecopon Super G

Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Wall Panels

Ecophon Super G panels are a surprisingly versatile solution where durability and impact resistancy is required. They are an attractive way of treating environments such as sports halls, leisure centres and gymnasiums. The woven Super G glass-fibre surface is extremely durable, with the panels achieving Class A absorbency.


For more information on the above acoustic wall panel systems, contact ReSpace Acoustics. Who provide a complete assessment, design and installation service.

Lymington Village Hall | Acoustic Treatment
Wednesday, August 15th, 2012  | posted by

Lymington Vilage Hall in Hampshire contacted ReSpace Acoustics for an acoustic treatment solution for their village hall.

Respace Acoustics achieved the perfect sonic environment through the installation of a variety of acoustic products. These products included Wall Panel A & C, Hanging Acoustic Panels.


Acoustic Treatments


After the installation was complete the hall could then be used more comfortably for meetings and other functions due to the lowered reverberation time. The panels installed absorb the hard sounds so that there is less echo and interference when people are talking.


Acoustic Wall Panels


Another satisfied customer from a Respace Acoustics installation.



Acoustic Panels | Our Projects using Acoustic Panels
Monday, May 14th, 2012  | posted by

West Mercia Police | Call Centre Acoustics
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012  | posted by

The West Mercia Police contacted Respace for an acoustic solution to their noisy, busy call centre.


With a constantly busy call centre, the West Mercia Police Station required a quality call centre acoustics installation to reduce the noise within the office. Respace Acoustic won the contract to implement this acoustic installation.

Ecophon Wall Panel C


The office acoustic solution was found through the installation of Ecophon Wall Panel C and Ecophon Solo Ceiling Rafts. These acoustic panels reduced the reverberation time within the room creating a sound sonic environment for the employees to work in.


Ecophon Solo Ceiling Rafts


Both the ceiling rafts and the wall panels were installed in natural colours to blend in with the neutral design of the office. They were installed to be barley noticeable but acoustically magnificent.


Ecophon Solo Rafts & Ecophon Wall Panels

The installation was successful meeting police departments requirements and creating a sound sonic environment for all employees to work in.

Burslem Methodist Church | Church Acoustics
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Burslem Methodist Church contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution for their church.


Methodist Churches quote the following: The Methodist Church claims and cherishes its place in the Holy Catholic Church which is the Body of Christ. It rejoices in the inheritance of the apostolic faith and loyally accepts the fundamental principles of the historic creeds and of the Protestant Reformation.’


Therefore the church is used for a number of activities from singing to praying. Before the installation the church had very poor acoustics, making the space difficult to hold any function in.

Ecophon Wall Panel C


Respace Acoustics installed Ecophon Wall Panel C and Ecophon solo hanging ceiling panels to reduce the reverberation time within the room.


Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Ceiling Panels

The acoustic panels were also installed in colours to match the existing colour pallet of the room. Burgundy, lime green and dark blue wall panels complimented the sky blue walls within the room while the Ecophon solo hanging acoustic panels were installed in white to match the ceiling.


Ecophon Solo Ceiling Panels


The installation was a success providing complete church acoustics. The panels created a sound sonic comfortable environment for everyone using the church space.

Sports Hall Acoustics | Hotham Primary School
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012  | posted by

Hotham Primary School contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution to their sports hall, with added custom design.


Hotham Primary School in Putney teaches ages 4-11. The sports hall is always in regular use for a number of activities. However, the rooms acoustics were very poor due to the high reverberation time. This caused constant speech and noise echo which made the hall a very difficult area for both teachers and pupils to play and learn in.


Printed Acoustic Wall Panels


Respace Acoustics installed impact resistant acoustic wall panels to reduce the reverberation time and lower the speech and sound echo to a comfortable level. The wall panels are impact resistant so hard ball games can still be played with no effect or damage to the panels.


Acoustic Artwork - Acoustic Panels


As shown in the above photo, not only were the wall panels acoustically beneficial and fully impact resistant, they were also custom designed and tailored to the school requirements. Using the colors red, yellow, white an blue, the acoustic artwork provided a modern, funky, attractive design to the room.


Custom Printed Acoustic Wall Panels


Through the successful installation the sports hall can now be used for other activities as the custom acoustic panels have achieved a maximum sports hall acoustics solution. The hall is now used for teaching, assemblies, exams and plays. The room has become a perfect listening environment and clarity of sound has been achieved.



D.I.G Museum | Acoustics Solution
Thursday, February 09th, 2012  | posted by

Respace Acoustics was contacted by D.I.G for a an acoustic solution for there exhibition room.


D.I.G is an archaeology adventure created by the same team behind the Jordik Viking centre. The exhibition is very popular and is housed in an old church. As the ceiling are very high and there are not many places to put sound absorbing materials, the church is very noisy and uncomfortable when in use.


Ecophon Wall Panels, Ecophon Master Solo rafts and Ecophon Master Baffles


Respace Acoustics suggested three different acoustic treatments to solve the problem;

1. Ecophon wall panels would be installed within the nave of the church

2. Ecophon Master Solo rafts under a mezzanine level

3. Ecophon Master Baffles to be installed above the most noisy area – the digging pit.


Ecophon Wall Panels, Ecophon Master Solo rafts and Ecophon Master Baffles


These three installations resulted in a lower reverberation time. The speech intelligibility was increased and the general sound comfort in the room was increased dramatically.


Ecophon Wall Panels


Thanks to Respace Acoustics, both the students and the teachers work, learn and play in a comfortable sound sonic environment.

Acoustic Panels | Fabric Inspiration
Friday, January 27th, 2012  | posted by

Find some colour inspiration here for your fabric acoustic panels



Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric

Acoustic Fabric




TCPA | Meeting Room Acoustics Solution
Wednesday, January 25th, 2012  | posted by

ReSpace Acoustics where contacted by the Regency building for Town and Country Planning Association. They required an acoustic solution for their noisy meeting room.

The meeting room has a ceiling over 5.5m tall, making the room an unfriendly environment for sound. The occupiers/customers use this room to generate income for charities and rent the room for conferences and other special functions. Recently several customers had complained that the room was too noisy and uncomfortable to work in thus affecting the revenue potential of many organisations.


Ecophon Wall Panel C


ReSpace Acoustics implemented an acoustic solution that not only lowered the reverberation time but complemented the building design perfectly. ReSpace installed Ecophon wall panel C. This reduced the reverberation time making the room sound efficient.


Ecophon Wall Panel C


To complement the rooms neutral aesthetics, Respace installed the Wall Panel in a beige. This combination enhanced the colours and lighting in the room, proving that a beautiful building can be acoustically perfect without any loss of design aesthetics. The installation’s success has enabled this space to be used effectively into the future.

German Gymnasium | Meeting Room Acoustics Solution
Wednesday, January 25th, 2012  | posted by

The German Gymnasium contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution for their meeting/function room.

The German Gymnasium is located on Pancras Road, London, close to the new international railway station of St Pancras. The room is used for private functions and is often hired for its beautiful aesthetics.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panels


The boardroom is used for private functions. It has beautiful original features and some breath-taking modern furniture. As this building is of the Victorian era there is a myriad of hard surfaces which directly result in poor sound acoustics and poor speech capability.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panels


ReSpace recommended a supply and fit of a large acoustic wall panel to lower the reverberation time within the room. The colour of the wall panels were chosen to complement the rooms already amazing aesthetics. The installation delivered the acoustics improvements required and delivered design that is in keeping with the ‘soul’ of the building, thus proving that acoustics solutions can be implemented into any space and design.

St Johns School | Acoustic Solutions
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

ReSpace Acoustics was contacted by St Johns School in Billericay for an acoustic solution for their sports hall, class rooms and corridor areas.


To comply with BB93, ReSpace worked closely with Geraghty architects and main contractors JONAP for this new school build.


Respace installed Ecophon acoustic wall panels and ceiling panelling into to all classrooms and the sports hall to help reduce the reverberation time and ensure these areas were meeting the high levels of acoustic sound required.


Ecophon Master Solo Ceiling Rafts and Wall Panels


Using Ecophon ‘Master Solo’ class A absorbent acoustic ceiling rafts & Ecophon ‘Wall Panel A’class A absorbent acoustic wall panelling, Respace provided the sound quality and eye catching aesthetics desired by the customer.


Ecophon Ceiling Rafts and Wall Panels


The Full Acoustic Treatment used are shown below:


Install hanging Ecophon acoustic rafts to 18 new classrooms


Install Ecophon acoustic wall panelling to 18 new classrooms


Install Ecophon impact resistant acoustic wall panelling to new sports hall


By using the above acoustic products Respace achieved the best possible acoustic solution for the school.

Wendell Park School | Acoustic Solutions
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

Wendell Park School approached ReSpace Acoustics asking them to solve the acoustic problems within their school.


Working to a tight budget, ReSpace implemented Ecophon Solo (hanging acoustic panels) and Ecophon acoustic wall panels to achieve an outstanding acoustic solution. These products reduced the reverberation time of all sounds, therefore reducing the noise within the classrooms in the school.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panels


After the success of the initial installation ReSpace were asked to create a further series of acoustic solutions for another classroom and also their noisy  dining hall, both of these installations were successful in creating a far more pleasant environment for all.

Patcham Junior School | Acoustic Solutions
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

Patcham Junior School approached ReSpace to find a solution to the acoustic problems in their classrooms.


Working within a tight budget,  ReSpace used Ecophon Master solo rafts to reduce the echo and reverberation time within the classroom. Therefore implementing a successful acoustic solution and creating an ideal learning environment.


Ecophon Master Solo Rafts


Due to the budgetary restraints ReSpace agreed to take a phased approach. Respace decided to prioritise the classrooms that had any hearing impaired students. These installations ensured that all students were enabled to learn within an effective environment.


Ecophon Master Solo Rafts

Respace now await the next instruction to improve the rest of the acoustics within the school and reach the sonic levels set out by BB93.

Chichester High School | Acoustic Solutions
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

Respace was approached by Chichester High School for Girls with the desire to achieve an acoustic solution for their multi-purpose hall.

The two adjacent sports halls had problems with the sound transfer between them. There had been an acoustic wall previously fitted between the two halls, this did not solve the problems of noise transfer, especially when exams were taking place.


Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels


An independent acoustician had already recommended that the noise be reduced at the source. This could be done by implementing sound absorbing panels. This would then reduce the reverberation time thus reducing the need for raised voices. This lowered the overall sound level within the hall with the added benefit of making the hall usable for other activities such as assemblies and other social functions.


Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels


ReSpace implemented the Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Acoustic panels to run as a course around the sports hall which achieved this successful concept and delivered huge benefits to all users of the facilities.

Ryder Architecture North | Meeting Room Acoustics
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

Ryder Architecture, a successful architectural practice in Newcastle, have completed many education projects. Ecophon were excited to showcase their products with them due to their excellent reputation.

Ryder Architecture are located in an industrial building. Therefore having quality sounds conference calls between the Newcastle and London offices was difficult.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


Respace created a sound quality solution using a combination of Ecophon Master Solo Acoustic rafts and Ecophon Wall panels. This lowered the reverberation time and created a comfortable sonic environment. This provided a huge increase in the quality of conversation between the two large offices.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


The use of the Master Solo acoustic product created an aesthetically pleasing ceiling feature that complemented the industrial building. The feedback from the customer read ‘the installation has surpassed our expectations’


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels





Acoustic Panelling | Ecophon Wall Panel C
Thursday, May 19th, 2011  | posted by

We have found that Ecophon’s acoustic panelling system ‘wall panel c‘ with Texona fabric to be incredibly effective in combating the common problem of reverberation / echo within rooms. This acoustic product truly has stunning sound absorbing qualities. The choice of Texona fabric is sufficient enough to create a striking, high quality feature suitable for high end environments.


Ecophon Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Staff Restaurant


The class A sound absorbing properties of this system mean that less panelling is required than alternative products on the market – this can be a godsend when there are is limited wall space available and means that the cost to performance ratio is superb.

Ecophon Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Boardroom

A room with this acoustic panel system installed creates an excellent listening environment and is ideal for combating office noise in open plan offices, meeting rooms, restaurants and open spaces such as halls.


Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Meeting Room


Ecophon ‘wall panel c’ is a highly effective noise reduction system that truly transforms noisy spaces and creates a crisp and deadened acoustic environment.

Ecophon Walll Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Light Beige Texona


Our customers, enter a space treated by this product, make a noise and the next sound is… ‘wow!’.

Cisco Telepresence | Complete Room Build
Wednesday, May 04th, 2011  | posted by

Cisco’s TelePresence a room build project was awarded to ReSpace by global food & drink producers PepsiCo. The Cisco room build guidelines are strict, this project was managed by ReSpace from design to completion.


ReSpace found that the room acoustics were as important as any other build element while undertaking this project. Precision, quality and strict guidelines are invaluable in order to create this kind of successful TelePresence fit-out room build.


Completed TelePresence Room


All rooms must be built to the exact same size and specification even the paint colour must match. The idea is that you feel you are in the same room as somebody who could be the other side of Earth.


Big companies with a global presence use virtual meeting facilitiessuch as Cisco TelePresence systems. This allows them to have virtual meetings with staff, customers and suppliers anywhere in the world without unnecessary environmental and financial cost of travel. The cost of the equipment and the required room build is significant and the manufacturers insist that the strict room build guidelines are adhered to and ensuring that the client gets the most from the system. Good quality acoustics are imperative for the users experience.


With some scope allowed to enhance the Cisco build guidelines we developed an acoustic solution which provided the perfect acoustic environment for these facilities. The ceiling is out of shot from the cameras so we introduced a sound absorbing floating acoustic ceiling called Ecophon Wing, with Focus Ds concealed grid ceiling tiles. This created a flag-ship feel to the room and also allowed us to introduce feature LED lighting the perimeter and DOT indirect modular fittings into the raft.


Ecophon Focus Ds Wing Floating Ceiling


To the walls we applied Class A sound absorbing acoustic panels by Ecophon. The wall panel C system finished with glass fibre Texona fabric in light beige was a perfect match TelePresence installations already in the US.


Ecophon Wall Panel C Texona Acoustic Panels


Before the equipment can be shipped for installation the newly built room must pass a Cisco CTX inspection test, which includes lighting lux levels and acoustics it was clear that this solution provided both with flying coloursmeaning there is always two wows, one for the equipment and one for the room.


The installation was a success with complete customer satisfaction.





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