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We thought you might like to see some completion photos and details of recently undertaken acoustic treatments using acoustic wall and ceiling panels by manufacturer Ecophon. Please forgive the quality of some of the images, our installation team may well be the best in the UK, but their photography skills could do with some improvement :-) .


Early this year ReSpace was awarded EPIC partner contractor status by market leading acoustic product manufacturer Saint Gobain-Ecophon,  this will be the 1st in a number of blog posts which talks about the various projects we have undertaken in the past 12 months or so – using Ecophon sound absorbing wall and ceiling products; which we believe offer the best value for money versus acoustic performance and aesthetics.


We were contacted by French bank BNP Paribas to carry out the full TelePresence room build, which included full strip-out, new soundproof wall construction, joinery, plastering, decoration, flooring, full design and project management, and of course, special attention to room acoustics.


TelePresence Room Acoustics

TelePresence Room with Ecophon Wing floating ceiling and Dot lighting


Good acoustics are critical to ensuring the user experience when using the expensive TelePresence virtual global meeting equipment is maximised. This is why Cisco have strict guidelines to ensure the room is properly sound isolated but that the room has the optimum reverberation time. We achieved both of these criteria with aplomb, even if we do say so ourselves :-)

Expedia | Meeting Room Acoustics
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Expedia, the world’s largest online travel company is to take over 80,000 sq. ft. of office space in Central London, they are due to take over the award winning Angel Building top two floors for their new office space. They contacted Respace for an acoustic solution for their new meeting rooms.


The meeting rooms within the building had very poor acoustics. This made the room very difficult to hold any meeting/conference as the speech and sound echo was very high.


Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


Respace recommended Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels to solve the acoustic problem. These acoustic panels lowered the reverberation time within the room making speech intelligibility and general sound control massively improved.


Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


Not only were the panels acoustically beneficial they were also installed in custom colours that matched the rooms existing colour scheme.


Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


The acoustic installation was successful. Respace Acoustics delivered above and beyond the requirements of the customer. Now Expedia employees can have meetings comfortably  in their new sound sonic meeting/conference rooms.


Printed Acoustic Panels | Intela
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Intela contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution for their video conference meeting room.


Intela had extremely poor acoustics in their video conference room. This was due to minimal sound absorbing materials and a myriad of hard surfaces. With the sound reverberation high, it was very difficult to have video conference meetings  at all.


Printed Acoustic Panels


Respace Acoustics provided a bespoke acoustic solution for the video conference room through the installation of custom printed acoustic panels. This lowered the reverberation time within the room massively and created a sound sonic, comfortable environment for video conferencing to take place.


Not only were the acoustic panels beneficial acoustically, they also gave the room  light, enthusiasm and design through acoustic artwork and printed design.


The project was a success and the customers, very happy with the custom acoustic end result.


Cisco Telepresence | Complete Room Build
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Cisco’s TelePresence a room build project was awarded to ReSpace by global food & drink producers PepsiCo. The Cisco room build guidelines are strict, this project was managed by ReSpace from design to completion.


ReSpace found that the room acoustics were as important as any other build element while undertaking this project. Precision, quality and strict guidelines are invaluable in order to create this kind of successful TelePresence fit-out room build.


Completed TelePresence Room


All rooms must be built to the exact same size and specification even the paint colour must match. The idea is that you feel you are in the same room as somebody who could be the other side of Earth.


Big companies with a global presence use virtual meeting facilitiessuch as Cisco TelePresence systems. This allows them to have virtual meetings with staff, customers and suppliers anywhere in the world without unnecessary environmental and financial cost of travel. The cost of the equipment and the required room build is significant and the manufacturers insist that the strict room build guidelines are adhered to and ensuring that the client gets the most from the system. Good quality acoustics are imperative for the users experience.


With some scope allowed to enhance the Cisco build guidelines we developed an acoustic solution which provided the perfect acoustic environment for these facilities. The ceiling is out of shot from the cameras so we introduced a sound absorbing floating acoustic ceiling called Ecophon Wing, with Focus Ds concealed grid ceiling tiles. This created a flag-ship feel to the room and also allowed us to introduce feature LED lighting the perimeter and DOT indirect modular fittings into the raft.


Ecophon Focus Ds Wing Floating Ceiling


To the walls we applied Class A sound absorbing acoustic panels by Ecophon. The wall panel C system finished with glass fibre Texona fabric in light beige was a perfect match TelePresence installations already in the US.


Ecophon Wall Panel C Texona Acoustic Panels


Before the equipment can be shipped for installation the newly built room must pass a Cisco CTX inspection test, which includes lighting lux levels and acoustics it was clear that this solution provided both with flying coloursmeaning there is always two wows, one for the equipment and one for the room.


The installation was a success with complete customer satisfaction.





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