Rotherfield School | Sports Hall Acoustics
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Re-space Acoustics were contacted by Rotherfield Primary School in London for a complete survey, assessment, design and installation acoustic treatment solution for their sports hall.


Respace Acoustics performed a survey and assessment on the sports hall to find the reverberation time was 3.20s. This was very high which was resulting the students and teachers having uncomfortable hearing when using the sports hall for activities.


Re-space Acoustics then implemented Ecophon Solo and Ecophon Super G panels onto the sports hall ceiling. This reduced the reverberation time to 1.10s,  which made a significant difference.


Ecophon Solo & Super G Panels


In result of this the students and teachers can now use the sports hall for more activities as the sound absorption is better causing less echo.


Benefits Of Good Schools Acoustics | Sound Education
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Their are many benefits for the education system through the implementation of quality room acoustics. Improving the teaching space sound environment through sound absorption in schools is an increasing requirement for an optimised learning environment.


Here are some quotes from speakers at the recent Sound Education conference…


1. If we design something better than the minimum requirement, we achieve far better results


2. In treated rooms, you notice background noise going down, while the sound of the teacher becomes far clearer


3. People’s audio canals are not completely developed until the age of 17/18


4. Half of schools built in the past 20 years haven’t complied with acoustic regulation, despite it being obligatory


5. Until 20 years ago, there were absolutely no regulations around acoustics in schools


6. My second message after ‘get acoustics right’ is ‘love your acousticians, call them in early’


7. There are 5 key design elements in classroom design: lighting, ergonomics, air temperature, air quality, acoustics


School Acoustics


For more information on sound education visit the following link > sound education.

School Acoustics > Benefits of a good sound environment
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The benefits of a good sound environment in Schools are huge. Good acoustics are crucial to an optimised teaching and learning platform. We help the education sector achieve the building regulations standard BB93 for new schools and strongly believe well established schools should be afforded the same benefits. For more information on our services and recommended acoustic products please click on the image below.


Benefits of good school acoustics

Benefits of good school acoustics

Sports Hall & Classroom Acoustics | School Acoustic Solutions
Friday, February 17th, 2012  | posted by

The Educational Sector is now showing increased interest in the implementation of acoustic products to a variety of areas within their schools.


The main three areas are as follows:


1. Sports Halls


2. Classrooms


3. Corridors


Respace has been awarded a few acoustic projects within the Educational Sector, see some case studies below:



1. Chichester High School | Sports Hall Acoustics


Chichester High School contacted Respace for an acoustic solution for their multi purpose hall. Before the installation the pupils and teachers were unable to use the hall comfortably as the acoustics were so poor causing loud speech and sound echo.



Ecophon Wall Panel C


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Ecophon Wall Panel C installed

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Achieved magnificent sports hall acoustics result

4. Complimented existing colours & design



2. St Johns School | School Acoustics


Respace was contacted by St Johns School for an acoustic solution for their noisy classrooms, corridors and sports hall. The school had been experiencing real problems in terms of the acoustics in all parts of the school and decided to install and acoustic solution to the three areas.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Ecophon Solo class A absorbent acoustic ceiling rafts, Ecophon Wall Panel A class A absorbent acoustic wall panelling and circulation corridor area installation of acoustic, British Gypsum ‘Gyptone’ ceiling system.

2. Massively reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Complimented existing colour and design scheme.

4. Achieved complete school acoustics success.



3. Ysgol Yr Hendre School | Sports Hall Acoustics


Respace were contacted by Ysgol Yr Hendre School in Wales for an acoustic solution for their sports hall. The sports hall needed to be used for a variety of activities but with the acoustics so poor, this could not be achieved.

Ecophon Resistant Wall Panels - Ecophon Super G


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Ecophon impact resistant wall panels – Ecophon Super G

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Impact resistant so hard ball games can still be played

4. Complete sports hall acoustics achieved



4. Hotham Primary School | Sports Hall Acoustics


Hotham Primary School contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution to their sports hall, with added custom design. The sports hall was impossible to teach, learn and play in due to the high reverberation time and echo.


Impact Resistant Acoustic Wall Panel - In Custom Design


Acoustic Products Used & Benefits Achieved:

1. Impact resistance acoustic wall panels installed – Ecophon Super G

2. Reduced reverberation time & echo

3. Custom printed to add colour

4. Achieved complete sports hall acoustics, the hall can now be used for a variety of activities.










Sports Hall Acoustics | Ysgol Yr Hendre School
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012  | posted by

Ysgol Yr Hendre School, Caernarfon School in Wales, required an acoustic solution for their sports hall. Respace Acoustics were contacted to recommend and provide this acoustic installation.


The well known school teaches the ages from 3-11, therefore the sports hall is an extremely noisy area when in use. With the reverberation time high causing speech and noise echo, the room was almost impossible to teach, play or learn in.

Acoustic Wall Panels


Respace recommended Impact resistant acoustic wall panelling/Ecophon super G. This would reduce the echo through lowering the reverberation time within the hall.

Acoustic Wall Panels

The wall panels installed were also impact resistant, therefore hard ball games could also be played in the hall with no chance of damage.

Acoustic Wall Panels


The sports hall acoustic installation was a success and the school were very happy with their new sound multi-purpose environment.



Sports Hall Acoustics | Hotham Primary School
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012  | posted by

Hotham Primary School contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution to their sports hall, with added custom design.


Hotham Primary School in Putney teaches ages 4-11. The sports hall is always in regular use for a number of activities. However, the rooms acoustics were very poor due to the high reverberation time. This caused constant speech and noise echo which made the hall a very difficult area for both teachers and pupils to play and learn in.


Printed Acoustic Wall Panels


Respace Acoustics installed impact resistant acoustic wall panels to reduce the reverberation time and lower the speech and sound echo to a comfortable level. The wall panels are impact resistant so hard ball games can still be played with no effect or damage to the panels.


Acoustic Artwork - Acoustic Panels


As shown in the above photo, not only were the wall panels acoustically beneficial and fully impact resistant, they were also custom designed and tailored to the school requirements. Using the colors red, yellow, white an blue, the acoustic artwork provided a modern, funky, attractive design to the room.


Custom Printed Acoustic Wall Panels


Through the successful installation the sports hall can now be used for other activities as the custom acoustic panels have achieved a maximum sports hall acoustics solution. The hall is now used for teaching, assemblies, exams and plays. The room has become a perfect listening environment and clarity of sound has been achieved.



St Johns School | Acoustic Solutions
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

ReSpace Acoustics was contacted by St Johns School in Billericay for an acoustic solution for their sports hall, class rooms and corridor areas.


To comply with BB93, ReSpace worked closely with Geraghty architects and main contractors JONAP for this new school build.


Respace installed Ecophon acoustic wall panels and ceiling panelling into to all classrooms and the sports hall to help reduce the reverberation time and ensure these areas were meeting the high levels of acoustic sound required.


Ecophon Master Solo Ceiling Rafts and Wall Panels


Using Ecophon ‘Master Solo’ class A absorbent acoustic ceiling rafts & Ecophon ‘Wall Panel A’class A absorbent acoustic wall panelling, Respace provided the sound quality and eye catching aesthetics desired by the customer.


Ecophon Ceiling Rafts and Wall Panels


The Full Acoustic Treatment used are shown below:


Install hanging Ecophon acoustic rafts to 18 new classrooms


Install Ecophon acoustic wall panelling to 18 new classrooms


Install Ecophon impact resistant acoustic wall panelling to new sports hall


By using the above acoustic products Respace achieved the best possible acoustic solution for the school.

Wendell Park School | Acoustic Solutions
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

Wendell Park School approached ReSpace Acoustics asking them to solve the acoustic problems within their school.


Working to a tight budget, ReSpace implemented Ecophon Solo (hanging acoustic panels) and Ecophon acoustic wall panels to achieve an outstanding acoustic solution. These products reduced the reverberation time of all sounds, therefore reducing the noise within the classrooms in the school.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panels


After the success of the initial installation ReSpace were asked to create a further series of acoustic solutions for another classroom and also their noisy  dining hall, both of these installations were successful in creating a far more pleasant environment for all.

Patcham Junior School | Acoustic Solutions
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Patcham Junior School approached ReSpace to find a solution to the acoustic problems in their classrooms.


Working within a tight budget,  ReSpace used Ecophon Master solo rafts to reduce the echo and reverberation time within the classroom. Therefore implementing a successful acoustic solution and creating an ideal learning environment.


Ecophon Master Solo Rafts


Due to the budgetary restraints ReSpace agreed to take a phased approach. Respace decided to prioritise the classrooms that had any hearing impaired students. These installations ensured that all students were enabled to learn within an effective environment.


Ecophon Master Solo Rafts

Respace now await the next instruction to improve the rest of the acoustics within the school and reach the sonic levels set out by BB93.

Chichester High School | Acoustic Solutions
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Respace was approached by Chichester High School for Girls with the desire to achieve an acoustic solution for their multi-purpose hall.

The two adjacent sports halls had problems with the sound transfer between them. There had been an acoustic wall previously fitted between the two halls, this did not solve the problems of noise transfer, especially when exams were taking place.


Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels


An independent acoustician had already recommended that the noise be reduced at the source. This could be done by implementing sound absorbing panels. This would then reduce the reverberation time thus reducing the need for raised voices. This lowered the overall sound level within the hall with the added benefit of making the hall usable for other activities such as assemblies and other social functions.


Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels


ReSpace implemented the Ecophon Super G Impact Resistant Acoustic panels to run as a course around the sports hall which achieved this successful concept and delivered huge benefits to all users of the facilities.

Reverberation Time & Speech Intelligibility
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Reverberation time is the time taken for a sound to decay or ‘die out’. This applies to many situations within buildings.

Reverberations can cause echoey sounds travelling back and forth in a room. Technically ‘reverberation time’ is the time taken for a sound to decay by 60dB after the sound source has stopped.


Room reverberation directly affects speech intelligibility – or the clarity of sound. The longer the reverberation time the less likely speech will be heard clearly and crisply.


Below are some examples of the effect of varying room reverberation times on speech…



Achieving the correct level of reverberation time in a room is very important – particularly where speech intelligibility is critical – for example school classrooms and conference rooms.


Porous types of sound absorbing materials are very effective in the high end of the frequency range. This is why it is important to have lots of low frequency absorption in order to achieve a neutral reverberation throughout the complete frequency range.


ReSpace Acoustics specialise in the acoustic treating rooms, providing the correct reverberation time for the use of the room.


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Acoustic Product Suppliers
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011  | posted by

ReSpace Acoustics are the UK’s premier acoustic product suppliers. Providing impartial advice on the best acoustic products on the market.


Hanging Acoustic Panels


With a range of acoustic services from acoustic assessment to architectural acoustic design and installation, ReSpace Acoustics are resolving acoustic problems all over the UK.


Sports Hall Acoustic Treatment

Sports Hall Acoustic Treatment


From reducing office noise, to soundproofing classroom walls to resolving echo problems in restaurants and bars – acoustic solutions are provided cost effectively and stylishly, transforming noisy spaces.

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Acoustic Solution | Staff Restaurant
Tuesday, May 24th, 2011  | posted by

Staff restaurants can be pretty uncomfortable places and can be experiences much like the old noisy school canteen. We believe that by making commercial staff restaurants acoustically comfortable, you can create an excellent environment to relax, de-stress and create another comfortable place to meet and do business.


Staff Restaurant Acoustics

Staff Restaurant Acoustics - Ecophon Solo in Slate Grey and Multi-Coloured wall Panel C


Often, commercial premises suffer from a shortage of meeting rooms. The main reason for not using staff restaurant and breakout spaces for informal meetings is that they can be uncomfortably noisy. We have been able to transform these noisy spaces into areas that are more inviting than the meeting rooms themselves. Simply be creating the perfect listening environment.



Acoustics in Restaurant
Ecophon Wall Panel C – Texona Fabrics


For this project we used products from Ecophon. The highly effective sound absorbing hanging rafts, Ecophon Solo in dark slate and the  high quality acoustic performance and finish of Ecophon’s Wall Panel C system with Texona fabric colour panels chosen by the client to brighten up the space.


Slate Grey Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


The Ecophon Solo slate grey hanging acoustic panels are unobtrusive, you can barely notice them in this instance, the client wanted to inject colour using the Wall Panel C system – both systems are performing as highly effective sound absorbers and have transformed this space.


There are undoubtedly a huge number of companies out there – not realising how much better their staff spaces could be.


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Acoustic Solutions | Interior Acoustic Design
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There are many reasons why acoustics should be considered as one of the key elements for any refurbishment or new build. The type of acoustic solutions or acoustic treatments required, depends on a whole host of factors including the most obvious like the use of the space. Good acoustic design, well thought out, with the use of the space considered correctly – helps produce the best acoustic environment.

Acoustic CAD Design
Acoustic Design using AutoCAD

Often domestic sound proofing specifications are generic and are repeated in acoustician’s reports and recommendations for new builds and refurbishments. Using proven manufacturers materials and installation methods most new build specifications deal with the stopping of the transfer of sound through walls, floors and ceilings. These sound proofing elements are crucial to ensure that the dwellings achieve part E regulations in the UK.


Acousticel M20AD - Wall Sound Proofing Material

It is important to have all of the relevant information before approaching any acoustic design solution. The following pieces of acoustic assessment information are critical to achieving acoustic comfort: -


1. Use of the space in order to determine recommended RT time (reverberation time)

2. If applicable, building regulations and requirements eg. (part E building regulations), BB93 (School acoustics)

3. Existing / proposed surface finishes – walls, ceilings and floors

4. Clients own thoughts on design and finishes

5. Acousticians / consultants report and test results – if available


With as much of this information as possible the next phase is to carry out an assessment to determine the location of any sound proofing or sound absorbing treatment and the available wall, ceiling and floor space this can be implemented.

Acoustic Design for Walls
Design for Acoustic Wall Panelling in TelePresence facility

ReSpace Acoustics believe that good acoustic design can not only create a comfortable eating, listening, living, sleeping or working environment – but also provide a feature to any interior with endless design opportunities and new and exciting acoustic products on the market.

Soundwave Flo

Soundwave Flo Acoustic Wall Panels

Ecophon Solo | Stunning Sound Absorption
Wednesday, May 04th, 2011  | posted by

In our opinion Ecophon Solo is by far the most effective sound absorbing hanging system available anywhere. We have used it to transform noisy, echoing spaces for years. It offers limitless design opportunities and class A sound absorption.

Circular Master Solo

Circular Master Solo


Where increased sound absorption and noise reduction is required in highly reverberant spaces, Ecophon Solo is the perfect solution. We have completed many projects including offices and schools where increased speech intelligibility and speech clarity are important – Ecophon Solo has helped to achieve room acoustic comfort whilst giving the ceiling a new aesthetic dimension.

Square Solo Panels

Square Master Solo

Ecophon Solo can be successfully integrated with lighting, is available with 3 different suspension systems and is aslo available in a huge array of colours including the Akutex FT matte surface finish.

Master Solo Random Installation


Solo is now available in 10 standard geometric shapes and now – you can create you own shape!. This creates a creative freedom in interior acoustic ceiling design which is unique in the acoustic product market place. The option to form virtually any shape in the Solo panel has only been introduced by Ecophon recently (2011) and we expect this create even more excitement around this already hugely successful and popular acoustic product.

Master Solo Square & Rectangular

Master Solo Square & Rectangular



Acoustic Ceilings in Schools | 5 Key Benefits…
Monday, April 04th, 2011  | posted by

The benefits of using sound absorbing acoustic ceiling systems in schools can be explained in the following 5 key benefits: -


1. COMMUNICATION: – A quiet sound environment helps to encourage children to listen and take part in discussion with speech at low levels. Effective sound absorbing ceilings provide a hugely beneficial environment for communication – and mean that students do not need to raise their voices.
2. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: – Teachers are able to control the numerous elements of classroom teaching far easier, a teacher can be less repetitive and more proactive in well designed acoustically sound environment. Good classroom acoustics allow teachers to much more easily identify the source of sound – allowing a more immediate and subtle solution to disturbance.

Lower sound, means lower stress for teachers in the classroom environment. The benefits of good acoustics for teaching staff health and well being throughout the school are ofter under estimated.


Gedina E

Gedina E


3. BEHAVIOR: – Classes can begin more quickly without the need to start with reprimanding students for being too noisy. An environment with a low reverberation allows the teacher to start a lesson positively. Clean and clear lines of sound discourages children from disrupting the class as it reduces anonymity. Non-classroom spaces are dramatically improved with good acoustics. Corridors for example can be made more pleasant and less hostile.


4. LEARNING: - Good hearing is obviously a major contributor to effective learning. When children can clearly hear, they will take part in discussions and are considerably more likely to remember what is being taught and thus applying what they learn. It seems simple – but it is amazing how detrimental to learning poor sound quality is.


Advantage A

Advantage A


5. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: - Providing a natural envornment is the best way of nurturing a child’s ability to learn. Numerous studies have proved this unequivocally.


Focus A

Focus A


Supporting students hearing senses in the school environment has to be one of the most important elements when considering the school design. This is why the government in the UK introduced the BB93 building regulation in 2003, requiring all schools to make provision to ensure the correct acoustic conditions for learning. This regulation was brought in because studies showed that children are suffering due to their inability to hear clearly in teaching spaces.

ReSpace Acoustics provide that solution to new school build projects. But what about the existing schools that are still suffering? We are also helping many schools that suffer from poor acoustics and will reach out to as many as we can this year with our schools campaign (summer 2011) – offering cost effective, highly effective school acoustic solutions to all types of education premises.


“The success of modern education lies in allowing children to share and discuss information. Providing the right acoustics will increase the quality of teaching and learning”


Class A sound absorbing acoustic ceilings are the ideal solution for providing the benefits we have outlined. The provide the largest uninterrupted surface for absorption.


Acoustics | how important?
Friday, March 11th, 2011  | posted by

We have noticed a gradual increase in the understanding of good interior acoustics… but still, many people do not appreciate or understand the full benefit of a quality acoustic environment.

Whether it be an office meeting room of school classroom – we strongly believe in good acoustics, so much so that we can honestly say that good acoustics are as important as quality lighting!

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Classroom Acoustics
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ReSpace Acoustics improve the acoustics in school classrooms, making the environment acoustically comfortable for teaching staff and pupils.

Recent school classroom acoustic projects include the following: -

Wendell Park School








Chichester High School for Girls

A combination of class A sound absorbing acoustic panels and hanging acoustic panels, transformed these teaching spaces from being noisy and uncomfortable to acoustically comfortable – allowing teachers to be heard and students to maximise their teaching experience.

Feedback we have received from all of school classroom acoustic installations has been overwhelmingly positive – with teachers wondering how they coped with the highly reverberant environment before our acoustic treatment.

The benefits of good acoustics in schools, especially classroom acoustics cannot be underestimated. BB93 legislation should not only apply to new school build projects but for all existing schools.

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