Ryder Architecture North | Meeting Room Acoustics
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Ryder Architecture, a successful architectural practice in Newcastle, have completed many education projects. Ecophon were excited to showcase their products with them due to their excellent reputation.

Ryder Architecture are located in an industrial building. Therefore having quality sounds conference calls between the Newcastle and London offices was difficult.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


Respace created a sound quality solution using a combination of Ecophon Master Solo Acoustic rafts and Ecophon Wall panels. This lowered the reverberation time and created a comfortable sonic environment. This provided a huge increase in the quality of conversation between the two large offices.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


The use of the Master Solo acoustic product created an aesthetically pleasing ceiling feature that complemented the industrial building. The feedback from the customer read ‘the installation has surpassed our expectations’


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels





Simmon & Simmons | Acoustic Solutions
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Simmon and Simmons, the large international law firm, contacted Re space about the acoustic design of their office space. Respace provided the solution with wall panel C and natural aluminium WP Profile

ace Acoustics worked closely with the designers, who as part of the full refurbishment of the offices by the main contractors Overbury, came up with the idea for the office space.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panel


Using wall panel C in complimentary colours and natural aluminium WP profile, ReSpace provided an aesthetically pleasing feature that also benefited the company acoustically. The WP profile was also added to the white board frames to add consistency of the design.



Wall Panel C Product


In summary Simmon & Simmons received an acoustically benefical product from Respace that was also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with an implemented fashionable design to pay credit to the already stunning office.

Emarsys | Acoustic Solutions
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Emarsys contacted ReSpace Acoustics for an acoustic solution. Respace used Ecophon and Soundsorba to provide this solution for them.


Emarsys are a fast paced Email Marketing Company, on their phone creating a noisy environment causes the sales team unwanted frustration and distraction. ReSpace therefore created a solution that would lower the overall noise level in the office.


Ecophon Wall Panels


ReSpace Acoustics created this solution from 5no. area of wall panels and 12no. hanging Soundsorba acoustic rafts. This created a combination of complimentary colours and design to the plain wall.

Exact Target | Acoustic Solutions
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Exact Target approached ReSpace Acoustics for an acoustic solution for their office in London. Using a feature ceiling from Ecophon Master Solo Acoustic Rafts Respace was able to provide a result.

Exact Target are a fast growing email marketing company. Their offices, based central London are modern, clean and have minimal furniture. This caused a reverberation issue in this busy area.


Ecophon Master Solo


ReSpace produced a solution from a 35no. Using Ecophon Master Solo rafts Respace lowered the RT time, which also incorporated a design detail for the ceiling, thus creating an acoustic solution with an aesthetically pleasing nature.


Ecophon Master Solo Rafts


The feedback from a member if the Exact Target Team: “The panels we have chosen are simple and inconspicuous but they have added subtle design to the ceiling, adding to the whole office design. Noise seems to be lower – others’ conversations are not so sharp and distracting anymore. “

UsTwo | Acoustic Solutions
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UsTwo, a vibrant multimedia firm contacted ReSpace Acoustics to solve their Acoustic Problem.

UsTwo recently moved  into the iconic Tea building in Shoreditch. The acoustic problem was due to the myriad of hard services one of which is a metal floor caused massive reverberations in the noisy environment. This also caused headaches and fatigue for the staff working there.


Ecophon Hanging Acoustic Panels


ReSpace solved this problem by implementing a series of Ecophon hanging acoustic panels. The panels lowered the reverberation time to a comfortable level. The panels also had an aesthetically pleasing nature to them.


An UsTwo member commented  ‘the rafts are incredible, not only do the lower the noise level from my partner Mills, but they also look great – which is very important to us.’


After the success of this install UsTwo then went on to ask ReSpace to undertake an additional install, this again was completed with the same success as before.

Acoustic Solutions | The StoryTellers
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ReSpace Acoustics were contacted by The StoryTellers, a creative management consultancy located in London to improve very poor acoustics in a stunning grade II listed former artist’s studio located ubin a fantastic location with breathtaking historical relevance.

Story Tellers Studio


ReSpace Acoustics were asked for an acoustic solution to improve the acoustics within the studio. After detailed consultation and guidance, the final solution was decided upon; fabric wrapped Soft-Cell acoustic wall panels wrapped in Kvadrat fabric were implemented along with a Barrisol stretch ceiling below the  soffit. This was agreed upon as it provided the best possible acoustic solution while enhancing and improving the magnificant building itself.


The acoustic foam within the Barrisol ceiling void allows sound to enter and be absorbed, this is achievable through the micro perforations in the Barrisol ceiling. The fabric covering the wall panels are from Kvadrat range, these established a complimentary vertical acoustic solution.


The Acoustic Solution: Barrisol Streched Ceiling


ReSpace have created an acoustic solution complementary to the prestigious nature of the building.


Acoustic Solution: Kvadrat Soft-Cell Wall Panels

Acoustic Solutions | Glaziers Hall
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ReSpace Acoustics were contacted by Glaziers Hall to provide an acoustic solution for their large function space. The room walls in the room are plasterboard and the floor is wood planks, therefore this cluster of hard surface makes it difficult to hear anything within this space.


Ecophon Master Solo


Respace proposed the use of Ecophon Solo acoustic rafts. These would form a line down the centre of the room, making the acoustics in the room more preferable. These minimalist rafts complimented Glaziers Hall existing rectangular light fittings.


Ecophon Acoustic Products


With these ceiling panels in place, the halls echoes have been absorbed. Acoustic products are an important part of various industries worldwide. They provide a simplistic and aesthetically pleasing way of reducing hard noise in fundamental working rooms within these industries.


ReSpace provides a variety of acoustic solutions, services and products to all sectors. Their expertise, professionalism and reputation are second to none.

Acoustic Solutions | Studio Acoustics
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ReSpace Acoustics were invited to create an acoustic solution for Urban Developmenta top music studio based in London.

With the implementation of floor, wall and soundproofing treatment, ReSpace effectively created a sound isolated box within the room. One of the key requirements was to minimise space loss, therefore, specific acoustic materials were chosen to ensure the studio space was maximised.


Urban Development | Studio Acoustics

Urban Development | Recording Studio Acoustics

The result from this project sound proofing was that the recording studio spaces could be used concurrently, whilst not distracting any of the office staff, or other surrounding areas. ReSpace also installed concrete core acoustic doors and sound absorbing acoustic panels to reduce the reverberation time within the space. With these extra acoustic products, optimal recording acoustics were achieved, whilst not disturbing adjacent space.


Studio Acoustics | Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Studio Acoustics | Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Previous to this installation Urban Development had no sound proofing whatsoever, therefore, when artists used to studio to record music the rest of the building was unusable.


Class A Sound Absorbing Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panelling

Class A Sound Absorbing Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panelling

ReSpace Acoustics provided the consultation, design and specification to deliver a cost effective studio acoustics solution, working within the grant budgetary constraints. All works where undertaken; including sound proofing to floors, walls and ceilings. Acoustic panelling, decoration, lighting and cabling infrastructure.

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Restaurant Acoustics | Interesting Links
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The importance of good acoustics in the restaurant environment has been recognised throughout the world. We have found the following interesting studies, links and information regarding restaurant acoustics: -

In New Zealand, the Acoustical Society of New Zealand has been actively promoting a ‘Cafe & Restaurant Acoustical Index Guide’ called CRAI. This has been promoted through the media and the National Foundation for the Deaf. See here for more information – http://www.acoustics.ac.nz/crai.php


New Zealand also has a Cafe & Restaurant Acoustical Index – see here – http://www.acoustics.ac.nz/crai.php


In the US, a local radio station in Toronto has started an initiative to bring together people who dislike loud, noisy restaurants and recommend quiet ones to each other. See here for more information – http://www.classical963fm.com/antinoisepollution/


Scientific American had an interesting pod cast out last year concerning the food quality and the notion that unwanted noise altered the participants perception of food taste. The results show that food was perceived to be more bland when the environment was too load. Check out the podcast at – http://bit.ly/b7XB3U


The Huffington Post produced an interesting test on some of the most noisy restaurants in the US. Some very intersting comments – http://www.zagat.com/buzz/just-how-loud-is-that-restaurant-testing-eateries-with-a-decibel-meter

Acoustic Solutions | Gym Acoustics
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Respace were contact to provide an acoustic solution to lower the overall noise level in one of the Pavillion Leisure Centres in South West London.


By installing just ten Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panels, Respace lowered the reverberation time to an acceptable and comfortable level. Therefore creating a better sound absorbing atmosphere in which gym users and the tutors now have a more pleasant work-out experience.


Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panels

Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panels



The above picture shows the spinning room in the Leisure centre which received the most complaints with regards to noise. On the ceilings you can see the hanging acoustic panels that lower the reverberation time and create the acoustic solution.

Hanging Acoustic Panels


Gymnasiums, sports halls and leisure centres commonly suffer from acoustic problems, this project case study shows how easy it can be to remedy.

Acoustic Solutions | Corridors
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Corridors and other communicational areas can be the noisiest, busiest areas in a building.


Corridors are the channels between all the different rooms, therefore their function and activity are key to a businesses day to day runnings and critically important in spaces such as hotel corridors.


Numerous meetings, movement and business equipment are held in corridors so the ability to have a clear conversation with reduced noise is key. At the same time conversation or movements throughout the corridor must not disturb adjacent rooms or other areas. The constant use of corridors for multiple activity places extra demands on the sound environment and its improvements.


The hard materials and structure of a corridor are just two of many ways sound can become disturbing for surrounding rooms and areas. The most beneficial way to reduce and absorb sound is using all of the ceiling area for sound absorbing acoustic products. Reverberation time and general hard noise is reduced,  improving speech intelligibility.




Acoustic Solutions | Stretch Fabric Wall Panelling
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Stretched fabric wall panelling systems can create some of the most striking and luxurious architectural finishes that interiors can offer. Often used in high-end environments such as financial institute boardrooms and 5 star hotel suites these systems require highly skilled installers to produce bespoke site built installations to the very highest standard. Installation can look so good that even the dramatically improved acoustics can take second fiddle.


Stretch Fabric Systems

Stretch Fabric Acoustic Wall Panelling - Recessed LCD Screen


Considering the high quality decorative effects and the acoustic quality fabric walling systems offer, they are actually surprisingly cost effective and can be comparable in cost with proprietary fabricated acoustic wall panels (depending on the complexity of the installation).


Stretched Fabric Acoustic Wall

Stretched Fabric Acoustic Wall


True stretched fabric wall systems are site built – meaning a huge amount of installation flexibility, curved walls, reveals for LCD screens, pattresses for light switches and sockets can all be incorporated with a true wall to wall fabric solution. Choices of acoustically breathable fabrics are endless from less expensive Camira fabrics to the noticeably higher end and more expensive Kvadrat fabrics – there are very few design limitations or restrictions.


Fabric Walling

Fabric Walling


Personally, having been involved with stretched fabric wall systems for many years and appreciating the decorative quality, I am surprised more installation aren’t completed in residential premises. People love good quality fabrics and the look and feel they bring. Enhancing the acoustics can be another important benefit. I have swapped the ‘Farrow and Ball’ for the fabric wall in my home in places and it is constantly remarked upon as a stunning feature to my home.


Break-Out Area Stretched Fabric Wall Installation

Break-Out Area Stretched Fabric Wall Installation



Ecophon Acoustic Baffles | Stunning Sound Absorption
Thursday, June 23rd, 2011  | posted by

For unrivalled sound absorption where vertically hung baffles are required, we would recommend the Class A sound absorbing ‘Master Baffle‘, manufactured by Saint Gobain Ecophon.


Ecophon Master Baffle

Ecophon Master Baffle

This sound absorption product is extremely effective in combating room with echo’s, is easily demountable and available in a range of panel sizes. Like all of Ecophon’s hanging acoustic products ‘Master Baffle’ completely transforms noisy rooms to crisp and comfortable listening environments.


Ecophon Master Baffle in Meeting Room

Ecophon Master Baffle in Meeting Room

This product only enhances the aesthetics of plain slab ceiling constructions such as concrete – with a clean minimalist design. Finished with ‘Akutex FT’ surface coating technology in classic neutral colours.


Reckitt Benckiser | Acoustic Booths
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Creating private areas in offices with an open-plan design can be a challenge. ReSpace Acoustics have designed a bespoke private telephone booth solution for global corporation Reckitt Benckiser at their newly refurbished Slough HQ.

acoustic booths

Acoustic Telephone Booths with LED Strip Lighting


Each booth was to be open (no doors), and with speech privacy important we designed and specified each booth with floor to ceiling stretched fabric wall panelling. Using a Camira Lucia pink fabric which has created a stunning solution for the eyes and the ears. A 12mm shadow gap detail at the fabric panel edges allows the installation of feature LED strip lighting, which adds a stunning effect to these small booths.


Acoustic TeleBooths

Acoustic TeleBooths


The sound absorbing Whisper Walls wall panelling system creates a luxurious high end feel and is built on site by specialist installers, allowing flexibility and endless design opportunities. Client feedback has been very positive with acoustic performance and aesthetics given full marks. It certainly has created a desirable private area for the Reckitt Benckiser staff in a very open-plan office environment.


Sound Absorbing Phone Booth

High Acoustic Performance with Excellent Aesthetics


The sound absorbing Whisper Walls system is seamless and has been complemented by a hanging raft, with integral lighting and spoke detection. This completes the fully upholstered, private feel to the room.

Bespoke solutions like these provide our clients with office areas to proud of, affording staff much needed space with privacy and luxury.


Reverberation Time & Speech Intelligibility
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Reverberation time is the time taken for a sound to decay or ‘die out’. This applies to many situations within buildings.

Reverberations can cause echoey sounds travelling back and forth in a room. Technically ‘reverberation time’ is the time taken for a sound to decay by 60dB after the sound source has stopped.


Room reverberation directly affects speech intelligibility – or the clarity of sound. The longer the reverberation time the less likely speech will be heard clearly and crisply.


Below are some examples of the effect of varying room reverberation times on speech…



Achieving the correct level of reverberation time in a room is very important – particularly where speech intelligibility is critical – for example school classrooms and conference rooms.


Porous types of sound absorbing materials are very effective in the high end of the frequency range. This is why it is important to have lots of low frequency absorption in order to achieve a neutral reverberation throughout the complete frequency range.


ReSpace Acoustics specialise in the acoustic treating rooms, providing the correct reverberation time for the use of the room.


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Acoustic Product Suppliers
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ReSpace Acoustics are the UK’s premier acoustic product suppliers. Providing impartial advice on the best acoustic products on the market.


Hanging Acoustic Panels


With a range of acoustic services from acoustic assessment to architectural acoustic design and installation, ReSpace Acoustics are resolving acoustic problems all over the UK.


Sports Hall Acoustic Treatment

Sports Hall Acoustic Treatment


From reducing office noise, to soundproofing classroom walls to resolving echo problems in restaurants and bars – acoustic solutions are provided cost effectively and stylishly, transforming noisy spaces.

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Acoustic Solutions | Healthcare Acoustics
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With the Healthcare industry premises constantly busy and always in high demand, hospitals, doctors surgeries and dentists benefit greatly from acoustic treatments.  Reducing the effect that hard surfaces have on sound in heathcare environments dramatically improves the experience of patients prior, during and after any medical treatment.


Respace Acoustics created an acoustic solution for Dapdune Surgery waiting room to reduce the reverberation time and sometimes evident hard sounds that echoed through the room. Using the up-to-date acoustic products, in this case Ecophon Wall Panel C,  patients now sit and wait for their appointment in a significantly quieter room with the sound absorbing wall treatment. This has increased customer satisfaction and comfort.



Communal areas including corridors also had installed a combination of different colour acoustic wall panels to inject colour and create a stylish solution as well as improving the acoustics.


Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Ecophon Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C


Restaurant Acoustics | Keys to Success
Monday, June 13th, 2011  | posted by

Am I alone in disliking a noisy restaurant?. I think everyone must agree that an eating environment where you have to shout to be heard, when only sitting opposite somebody, is not the best experience.


Being disturbed by conversations or kitchen noise on the other side of the restaurant in a highly reverberant space is not ideal – whether you realise you are uncomfortable or not.


I believe that good room acoustics are key to a successful restaurant (quality of food is fairly important too – but you know what I mean). We have treated many restaurants with poor acoustics. And I can honestly say with 100% success on every occasion. How did we do this? What was our approach?…


I would suggest the following reasons for our success: -


1. INDIVIDUALITY – We look at every acoustic treatment project individually and treat them differently, particularly in restaurant environments. You can study as many studies and papers as you like… but every eatery is different, every surface is generally different and the clients acoustic goals are generally always different. It is just as important to understand your clients desires for their clienteles experience as is it the understanding of all the behavior of sound all of its nuances. Very exclusive, expensive, high end restaurants, generally but not exclusively prefer to have a very ‘dead’ sound. Supporting that feeling of exclusivity, speech privacy, relaxation. Some restaurants require a buzz and and a youthful excitement. Once we have collated this information we work towards a reverberation time that would best suit.


1. Design is KEY – We use highly effective, attractive acoustic products from discreet sound absorbing black ceilings to feature custom printed wall panels – or textured sound diffusing panels. Enhance the appearance of the space and create a feature from any acoustic treatment is our advice. Design is KEY.


There is plenty more – but with the right meeting with the right people, a good survey and a great design you can achieve fantastic listening environments in restaurants and bars. There is no ‘one size’ or ‘RT fits all’ and over analysis and over-complication in my personal opinion is unnecessary.



Ecophon Sombra - Acoustic Ceiling


When I eat in restaurants with poor acoustics – I ask the front of house, do you realise your restaurant could feel so much better?… often, interestingly, the answer is yes. If I wasn’t so busy eating I might just make some sales…


Matt Bullen
Restaurant Acoustics Critic / Salesman. :-)


Kitchen Acoustic Ceiling - Ecophon Hygiene

Ecophon Products | Room Acoustic Comfort
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Acoustic Solutions | The Workplace Acoustic Challenges
Friday, June 10th, 2011  | posted by

Corridors, lunch rooms, offices, conference rooms all of these areas are vital for all businesses. These are the main areas that may require the acoustic sound control products to reduce the unwanted echoey sounds and high reverberation.


ReSpace specialises in creating acoustic solutions for these areas with the use ofquality acoustic products and services.


Office Corridors: The discomfort and distraction that can arise from a hard material corridors to other office spaces can be challenging. ReSpace fitted the following acoustic solution using Ecophon Focus Ds XL corridor ceiling system was installed to absorb hard noise and create an acoustic comfort for this buildings corridor area. Now the individual offices hear minimal / reduced noise from the chatty corridor outside.


Ecophon Focus Ds - -Open Plan Office


Lunch Rooms/ Kitchens: Another essential part of any employees day, lunch. This area can become of the most echoey areas of a building due to the large amount of noise emitted from all materials and object around the room.

Respace created an solution for this exact problem for PepsiCo restaurant. Using four types of acoustic treatments:

  • Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panel C
  • Ecophon Advantage Acoustic Ceiling tiles
  • Ecophon Circular Master Solo Rafts
  • Ecophon Bespoke Acoustic Artwork

Respace created this acoustic solutions that now allows both customers and clients to enjoy their lunch with the echoey noises and lowered reverberations of others while also making the area aesthetically pleasing to the eye…… Happy eating!!! :-D

Printed Acoustic Panels


Conference Room: With important meetings and discussing held daily in most business w0rkplaces, a quiet echoey free area is vital to achieve maximum satisfaction and complete concentration.


Ecophon Solo

Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Rafts in Meeting Room


Respace created an acoustic solution for this problem at Ryder Architects in London. With the use of quality acoustic products Ecophon ‘Master Solo’ class A absorbent ceiling rafts and Ecophon wall panel A achieved this goal.



Acoustic Solutions | Entertainment & Worship Space
Tuesday, May 31st, 2011  | posted by

Another broad area with an increasing need for acoustic solutions are churches. Their need to significantly lower the reverberation time and reducing the echo within a church due to singing and loud bible classes can increase enjoyment, self satisfaction and general hearing within the church.


Ecophon Wall Panel A


ReSpace was contacted by the New Zion Church to make this a reality. By adding the Ecophon Wall Panel ‘A’ system to the church the reverberation time was lowered and the echo significantly reduced making the time spent in the church a more pleasurable one.


Feedback on this acoustic solution was “I have now attended two Sunday meetings and a bible study, which as you can imagine have very different acoustic requirements. In both cases the installation gave us what we needed. We could hear clearly !!” A few other of the church members mentioned how well the panels blended in and reduced the ‘echoey atmostphere’.


Glaziers Hall, with superb views over looking the Thames, is a large entertainment space that was also in need of acoustic solutions, as the main materials within this space were plasterboard and floor wood planks. These hard surfaces created an extremely difficult environment to be heard in when in use.


Ecophon Master Solo Acoustic Rafts


Ecophon Master solo acoustic rafts were advised by ReSpace as the acoustic solution to this problem. Installed in a line down the centre of the room, these minimalist rafts worked exceptionally well with the current rectangular light fittings. This project created an excellent solution and now with reduced echoey sounds and reverberations this space can be used with increased comfort and satisfaction.




Saturday, May 28th, 2011  | posted by



Noise is basically defined as ‘unwanted sound’. Everybody dislikes noise, because noise isn’t noise unless its unwanted. Whilst I think about it, perhaps we actually do like noise, because without it, there wouldn’t be a ReSpace Acoustics.




The range of audible sound is measured in dB (decibels) from 0dB to 140dB. 140dB is understood to be the threshold of pain. If you have ever heard 140dB you have most likely taken a wrong turn at the airport and found yourself on the runway, immediately next to a Boing as it takes off. Not nice.


The sound pressure detected by the human ear covers and incredibly wide range, the decibel is used to condense this range into a manageable scale. Below are some examples of various noises and their closely matching dB level: -




10-20dB(A) > A WHISPER


20-30dB(A) > STUDIO














90-100dB(A) > A JACKHAMMER


100-110dB(A) > A BURGLAR ALARM


110-120dB(A) > HEAVY ROCK BAND


120-130dB(A) > BOING ON TAKE-OFF


130-140dB(A) > PAINFUL


Interestingly, roughly speaking, every 10dBA increase in sound is perceived by humans as a doubling of  loudness. So we perceive a rock band being as being 16 times louder than average traffic noise.


Sound and its ugly friend relentlessly seek the weakest route through walls, floors and ceilings – if air can find its way through, so will they. That is where we come in. So if you need to stop that unwanted noise getting where you don’t want it – let us know @ http://www.respace-acoustics.co.uk/contact/

Acoustic Solution | Staff Restaurant
Tuesday, May 24th, 2011  | posted by

Staff restaurants can be pretty uncomfortable places and can be experiences much like the old noisy school canteen. We believe that by making commercial staff restaurants acoustically comfortable, you can create an excellent environment to relax, de-stress and create another comfortable place to meet and do business.


Staff Restaurant Acoustics

Staff Restaurant Acoustics - Ecophon Solo in Slate Grey and Multi-Coloured wall Panel C


Often, commercial premises suffer from a shortage of meeting rooms. The main reason for not using staff restaurant and breakout spaces for informal meetings is that they can be uncomfortably noisy. We have been able to transform these noisy spaces into areas that are more inviting than the meeting rooms themselves. Simply be creating the perfect listening environment.



Acoustics in Restaurant
Ecophon Wall Panel C – Texona Fabrics


For this project we used products from Ecophon. The highly effective sound absorbing hanging rafts, Ecophon Solo in dark slate and the  high quality acoustic performance and finish of Ecophon’s Wall Panel C system with Texona fabric colour panels chosen by the client to brighten up the space.


Slate Grey Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


The Ecophon Solo slate grey hanging acoustic panels are unobtrusive, you can barely notice them in this instance, the client wanted to inject colour using the Wall Panel C system – both systems are performing as highly effective sound absorbers and have transformed this space.


There are undoubtedly a huge number of companies out there – not realising how much better their staff spaces could be.


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Acoustic Panelling | Ecophon Wall Panel C
Thursday, May 19th, 2011  | posted by

We have found that Ecophon’s acoustic panelling system ‘wall panel c‘ with Texona fabric to be incredibly effective in combating the common problem of reverberation / echo within rooms. This acoustic product truly has stunning sound absorbing qualities. The choice of Texona fabric is sufficient enough to create a striking, high quality feature suitable for high end environments.


Ecophon Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Staff Restaurant


The class A sound absorbing properties of this system mean that less panelling is required than alternative products on the market – this can be a godsend when there are is limited wall space available and means that the cost to performance ratio is superb.

Ecophon Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Boardroom

A room with this acoustic panel system installed creates an excellent listening environment and is ideal for combating office noise in open plan offices, meeting rooms, restaurants and open spaces such as halls.


Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Meeting Room


Ecophon ‘wall panel c’ is a highly effective noise reduction system that truly transforms noisy spaces and creates a crisp and deadened acoustic environment.

Ecophon Walll Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Light Beige Texona


Our customers, enter a space treated by this product, make a noise and the next sound is… ‘wow!’.

Sound Proofing | Minimal Space Loss
Wednesday, May 18th, 2011  | posted by

ReSpace Acoustics Ltd provide an excellent room sound proofing solution using highly effective, high performance sound proofing materials, whilst also keeping the loss of space within the room to a minimum.


Many people require sound proofing  and acoustic treatments but don’t want to lose any space – which is a common problem when installing new layers of sound insulation to walls floors and ceilings.


In order to reduce the transfer of sound from one room to another ReSpace have developed a cost effective solution using the following innovative products and installation methods: -


1. Studio Quality Ceiling Sound Proofing

Recording-quality soundproofing. Comprising of the SoundBlocker Membrane and AMW Acoustic Mineral Wool, the Studio Ceiling System reduces high levels of impact and airborne noise. A complete system that significantly reduces airborne & footfall noise through a floor.


Key Features: -


Blocks out airborne sound better than lead
Recording studio quality
Reduces bass sound

Combines award winning soundproofing that complies to BSEN ISO 14

Ceiling Sound Proofing

Studio Quality Sound Proofing for Ceilings


2. Acousticel M20 AD Wall Sound Proofing

The Acousticel M20AD is a recycled high-density rubber panel ideal for use in tight spaces. At only 50mm thick, the M20AD is a favourite of architects where space is at a premium and has a very  impressive sound reduction of 87%. Perfect for use in party walls between stairs and hallways, the Acousticel M20AD complies with the requirements of the latest Approved Document E Building Regulations.


Wall Sound Proofing

Acousticel M20AD Wall Sound Proofing


3. Acoustilay Underlay

Acoustilay flooring insulation is a superbly effective, sustainable, environmentally friendly underlay product that is a firm favourite of specialists working on flat conversions. Manufactured entirely in the UK guaranteeing a low carbon footprint, it substantially reduces both impact and airborne noise through concrete and timber floors and is 100% recyclable.



Acoustilay Floor Sound Proofing


ReSpace Acoustics also undertake the necessary electrical, joinery and decorative finishing that is required when properly sound proofing a room. Ensuring a high quality of finish and sound proofing performance.





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