Rotherfield School | Sports Hall Acoustics
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Re-space Acoustics were contacted by Rotherfield Primary School in London for a complete survey, assessment, design and installation acoustic treatment solution for their sports hall.


Respace Acoustics performed a survey and assessment on the sports hall to find the reverberation time was 3.20s. This was very high which was resulting the students and teachers having uncomfortable hearing when using the sports hall for activities.


Re-space Acoustics then implemented Ecophon Solo and Ecophon Super G panels onto the sports hall ceiling. This reduced the reverberation time to 1.10s,  which made a significant difference.


Ecophon Solo & Super G Panels


In result of this the students and teachers can now use the sports hall for more activities as the sound absorption is better causing less echo.


NEW! – Ecophon Solo with integrated Philips Lighting
Thursday, May 24th, 2012  | posted by

Ecophon have launched a new innovation acoustic product, a hanging acoustic panel and lighting solution all in one called ‘Soundlight Comfort’.


The product uses the phenomenally successful and effective Class A sound absorber called ‘Solo’ by Ecophon with integrated Philips LED lighting to create an ‘all-in-one’ solution for outstanding acoustic performance and high quality lighting.


When suitable, Ecophon Solo is our ‘go to’ product for combating rooms with high reverberation times or echo. Now we can offer an innovative and stylish LED lighting solution in our newly designed spaces and proposals for existing ceiling treatments. Contact us for more information and prices.


Soundlight Comfort > Hanging Acoustic Panels with Integral Lighting

Soundlight Comfort > Hanging Acoustic Panels with Integral Lighting

Sound Light Comfort

Sound Light Comfort

Sound Light Comfort

Sound Light Comfort > High Performance Acoustics & Lighting

Ecophon Solo | Optimum Absorption
Monday, May 14th, 2012  | posted by

With new shapes and sizes we continue to find Ecophon Solo panels one of the most flexible and effective sound absorption panels on the market.

Ecophon Solo - Benefits

Ecophon Solo - Benefits


Trinity Methodist Church | Church Acoustics
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012  | posted by

Trinity Methodist Church contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution to their Methodist church.


Trinity Methodist Church holds a variety of activities throughout the working week, all of which had singing, sermons and loud sound included. Therefore, the room used would need to be as sound sonic as possible. However, this was not the case. The room had very poor church acoustics which made each activity really difficult to hear and be a part of.

Ecophon Solo Panels

Respace Acoustics installed Ecophon Solo ceiling panels. This reduced the reverberation time which reduced the speech and noise echo within the large room.

Ecophon Solo


The Ecophon Solo panels were installed in the same colour as the existing ceiling. This made them blend in with the room and are almost unnoticeable to the eye.

Ecophon Solo Ceiling Panels

The panels not only complimented the room with regards to colour but also through the lighting. The complete installation was a success and all the church community noticed a huge difference in the acoustic level within the room. The wide range of activities are now held in a comfortable sound sonic environment which has benefited all.


West Mercia Police | Call Centre Acoustics
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The West Mercia Police contacted Respace for an acoustic solution to their noisy, busy call centre.


With a constantly busy call centre, the West Mercia Police Station required a quality call centre acoustics installation to reduce the noise within the office. Respace Acoustic won the contract to implement this acoustic installation.

Ecophon Wall Panel C


The office acoustic solution was found through the installation of Ecophon Wall Panel C and Ecophon Solo Ceiling Rafts. These acoustic panels reduced the reverberation time within the room creating a sound sonic environment for the employees to work in.


Ecophon Solo Ceiling Rafts


Both the ceiling rafts and the wall panels were installed in natural colours to blend in with the neutral design of the office. They were installed to be barley noticeable but acoustically magnificent.


Ecophon Solo Rafts & Ecophon Wall Panels

The installation was successful meeting police departments requirements and creating a sound sonic environment for all employees to work in.

Navasartion Centre | Community Hall / Village Hall Acoustics
Tuesday, February 14th, 2012  | posted by

The Navasartion Centre in London, contacted Respace for an acoustic solution for their function room.


The Navasaration Centre function room is used for a variety of functions. They had very poor acoustics due to a myraid of hard surfaces, few being the large wooden floor and high ceilings.

Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


In order to achieve the acoustic solution to for this room Respace Acoustics installed Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panels. These reduced the reverberation time within the room lowering the speech and noise echo. This hall acoustics solution was vital for this environment.


Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


The hanging acoustic panels not only benefited the function room acoustically, but they were also installed in a colour that blended them into the colour scheme already evident within the room. The lighting was also kept simplistic but modern through the implementation of the panels.The modern, classy design was still evident after the installation.


Ecophon Solo Hanging Acoustic Panels


The project was a success and now the Navasartion Centre holds it’s functions in a sound sonic room, where customers notice the acoustic difference.

Ryder Architecture North | Meeting Room Acoustics
Tuesday, January 17th, 2012  | posted by

Ryder Architecture, a successful architectural practice in Newcastle, have completed many education projects. Ecophon were excited to showcase their products with them due to their excellent reputation.

Ryder Architecture are located in an industrial building. Therefore having quality sounds conference calls between the Newcastle and London offices was difficult.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


Respace created a sound quality solution using a combination of Ecophon Master Solo Acoustic rafts and Ecophon Wall panels. This lowered the reverberation time and created a comfortable sonic environment. This provided a huge increase in the quality of conversation between the two large offices.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


The use of the Master Solo acoustic product created an aesthetically pleasing ceiling feature that complemented the industrial building. The feedback from the customer read ‘the installation has surpassed our expectations’


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels





Ecophon Solo | Stunning Sound Absorption
Wednesday, May 04th, 2011  | posted by

In our opinion Ecophon Solo is by far the most effective sound absorbing hanging system available anywhere. We have used it to transform noisy, echoing spaces for years. It offers limitless design opportunities and class A sound absorption.

Circular Master Solo

Circular Master Solo


Where increased sound absorption and noise reduction is required in highly reverberant spaces, Ecophon Solo is the perfect solution. We have completed many projects including offices and schools where increased speech intelligibility and speech clarity are important – Ecophon Solo has helped to achieve room acoustic comfort whilst giving the ceiling a new aesthetic dimension.

Square Solo Panels

Square Master Solo

Ecophon Solo can be successfully integrated with lighting, is available with 3 different suspension systems and is aslo available in a huge array of colours including the Akutex FT matte surface finish.

Master Solo Random Installation


Solo is now available in 10 standard geometric shapes and now – you can create you own shape!. This creates a creative freedom in interior acoustic ceiling design which is unique in the acoustic product market place. The option to form virtually any shape in the Solo panel has only been introduced by Ecophon recently (2011) and we expect this create even more excitement around this already hugely successful and popular acoustic product.

Master Solo Square & Rectangular

Master Solo Square & Rectangular






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