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Their are many benefits for the education system through the implementation of quality room acoustics. Improving the teaching space sound environment through sound absorption in schools is an increasing requirement for an optimised learning environment.


Here are some quotes from speakers at the recent Sound Education conference…


1. If we design something better than the minimum requirement, we achieve far better results


2. In treated rooms, you notice background noise going down, while the sound of the teacher becomes far clearer


3. People’s audio canals are not completely developed until the age of 17/18


4. Half of schools built in the past 20 years haven’t complied with acoustic regulation, despite it being obligatory


5. Until 20 years ago, there were absolutely no regulations around acoustics in schools


6. My second message after ‘get acoustics right’ is ‘love your acousticians, call them in early’


7. There are 5 key design elements in classroom design: lighting, ergonomics, air temperature, air quality, acoustics


School Acoustics


For more information on sound education visit the following link > sound education.

School Acoustics > Benefits of a good sound environment
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The benefits of a good sound environment in Schools are huge. Good acoustics are crucial to an optimised teaching and learning platform. We help the education sector achieve the building regulations standard BB93 for new schools and strongly believe well established schools should be afforded the same benefits. For more information on our services and recommended acoustic products please click on the image below.


Benefits of good school acoustics

Benefits of good school acoustics

Wendell Park School | Acoustic Solutions
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Wendell Park School approached ReSpace Acoustics asking them to solve the acoustic problems within their school.


Working to a tight budget, ReSpace implemented Ecophon Solo (hanging acoustic panels) and Ecophon acoustic wall panels to achieve an outstanding acoustic solution. These products reduced the reverberation time of all sounds, therefore reducing the noise within the classrooms in the school.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panels


After the success of the initial installation ReSpace were asked to create a further series of acoustic solutions for another classroom and also their noisy  dining hall, both of these installations were successful in creating a far more pleasant environment for all.

Acoustic Ceilings in Schools | 5 Key Benefits…
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The benefits of using sound absorbing acoustic ceiling systems in schools can be explained in the following 5 key benefits: -


1. COMMUNICATION: – A quiet sound environment helps to encourage children to listen and take part in discussion with speech at low levels. Effective sound absorbing ceilings provide a hugely beneficial environment for communication – and mean that students do not need to raise their voices.
2. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: – Teachers are able to control the numerous elements of classroom teaching far easier, a teacher can be less repetitive and more proactive in well designed acoustically sound environment. Good classroom acoustics allow teachers to much more easily identify the source of sound – allowing a more immediate and subtle solution to disturbance.

Lower sound, means lower stress for teachers in the classroom environment. The benefits of good acoustics for teaching staff health and well being throughout the school are ofter under estimated.


Gedina E

Gedina E


3. BEHAVIOR: – Classes can begin more quickly without the need to start with reprimanding students for being too noisy. An environment with a low reverberation allows the teacher to start a lesson positively. Clean and clear lines of sound discourages children from disrupting the class as it reduces anonymity. Non-classroom spaces are dramatically improved with good acoustics. Corridors for example can be made more pleasant and less hostile.


4. LEARNING: - Good hearing is obviously a major contributor to effective learning. When children can clearly hear, they will take part in discussions and are considerably more likely to remember what is being taught and thus applying what they learn. It seems simple – but it is amazing how detrimental to learning poor sound quality is.


Advantage A

Advantage A


5. NATURAL ENVIRONMENT: - Providing a natural envornment is the best way of nurturing a child’s ability to learn. Numerous studies have proved this unequivocally.


Focus A

Focus A


Supporting students hearing senses in the school environment has to be one of the most important elements when considering the school design. This is why the government in the UK introduced the BB93 building regulation in 2003, requiring all schools to make provision to ensure the correct acoustic conditions for learning. This regulation was brought in because studies showed that children are suffering due to their inability to hear clearly in teaching spaces.

ReSpace Acoustics provide that solution to new school build projects. But what about the existing schools that are still suffering? We are also helping many schools that suffer from poor acoustics and will reach out to as many as we can this year with our schools campaign (summer 2011) – offering cost effective, highly effective school acoustic solutions to all types of education premises.


“The success of modern education lies in allowing children to share and discuss information. Providing the right acoustics will increase the quality of teaching and learning”


Class A sound absorbing acoustic ceilings are the ideal solution for providing the benefits we have outlined. The provide the largest uninterrupted surface for absorption.





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