TCPA | Meeting Room Acoustics Solution
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ReSpace Acoustics where contacted by the Regency building for Town and Country Planning Association. They required an acoustic solution for their noisy meeting room.

The meeting room has a ceiling over 5.5m tall, making the room an unfriendly environment for sound. The occupiers/customers use this room to generate income for charities and rent the room for conferences and other special functions. Recently several customers had complained that the room was too noisy and uncomfortable to work in thus affecting the revenue potential of many organisations.


Ecophon Wall Panel C


ReSpace Acoustics implemented an acoustic solution that not only lowered the reverberation time but complemented the building design perfectly. ReSpace installed Ecophon wall panel C. This reduced the reverberation time making the room sound efficient.


Ecophon Wall Panel C


To complement the rooms neutral aesthetics, Respace installed the Wall Panel in a beige. This combination enhanced the colours and lighting in the room, proving that a beautiful building can be acoustically perfect without any loss of design aesthetics. The installation’s success has enabled this space to be used effectively into the future.

German Gymnasium | Meeting Room Acoustics Solution
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The German Gymnasium contacted Respace Acoustics for an acoustic solution for their meeting/function room.

The German Gymnasium is located on Pancras Road, London, close to the new international railway station of St Pancras. The room is used for private functions and is often hired for its beautiful aesthetics.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panels


The boardroom is used for private functions. It has beautiful original features and some breath-taking modern furniture. As this building is of the Victorian era there is a myriad of hard surfaces which directly result in poor sound acoustics and poor speech capability.


Ecophon Acoustic Wall Panels


ReSpace recommended a supply and fit of a large acoustic wall panel to lower the reverberation time within the room. The colour of the wall panels were chosen to complement the rooms already amazing aesthetics. The installation delivered the acoustics improvements required and delivered design that is in keeping with the ‘soul’ of the building, thus proving that acoustics solutions can be implemented into any space and design.

Ryder Architecture North | Meeting Room Acoustics
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Ryder Architecture, a successful architectural practice in Newcastle, have completed many education projects. Ecophon were excited to showcase their products with them due to their excellent reputation.

Ryder Architecture are located in an industrial building. Therefore having quality sounds conference calls between the Newcastle and London offices was difficult.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


Respace created a sound quality solution using a combination of Ecophon Master Solo Acoustic rafts and Ecophon Wall panels. This lowered the reverberation time and created a comfortable sonic environment. This provided a huge increase in the quality of conversation between the two large offices.


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels


The use of the Master Solo acoustic product created an aesthetically pleasing ceiling feature that complemented the industrial building. The feedback from the customer read ‘the installation has surpassed our expectations’


Master Solo Acoustic Rafts and Ecophon Wall Panels





Acoustic Panelling | Ecophon Wall Panel C
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We have found that Ecophon’s acoustic panelling system ‘wall panel c‘ with Texona fabric to be incredibly effective in combating the common problem of reverberation / echo within rooms. This acoustic product truly has stunning sound absorbing qualities. The choice of Texona fabric is sufficient enough to create a striking, high quality feature suitable for high end environments.


Ecophon Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Staff Restaurant


The class A sound absorbing properties of this system mean that less panelling is required than alternative products on the market – this can be a godsend when there are is limited wall space available and means that the cost to performance ratio is superb.

Ecophon Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Boardroom

A room with this acoustic panel system installed creates an excellent listening environment and is ideal for combating office noise in open plan offices, meeting rooms, restaurants and open spaces such as halls.


Wall Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Meeting Room


Ecophon ‘wall panel c’ is a highly effective noise reduction system that truly transforms noisy spaces and creates a crisp and deadened acoustic environment.

Ecophon Walll Panel C

Ecophon Wall Panel C - Light Beige Texona


Our customers, enter a space treated by this product, make a noise and the next sound is… ‘wow!’.




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