AcousticArt 'Super'

Large scale custom printed acoustic art

AcousticArt 'Super' is a Class A sound absorber with an impact resistant glass fibre surface. Any high resolution image can be applied to the surface with outstanding print quality.

This product is ideal where large scale acoustic treatments are required to reduce reverberation time in echoing rooms. Perfect for installation in large open spaces such as sports halls, atria, receptions, corridoors, entertainment, leisure and community spaces.


Product name > AcousticArt 'Super'

Maximum Size > 2.7m high x any width

Surface > Impact Resistant Woven Glass Fibre

System Thickness > 40mm


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AcousticArt 'Super'

Large scale digital print acoustic panels. Class A sound absorption & impact resistant woven glass fibre surface. Any image with suitable resolution can be printed to the surface.


Ideal for large scale custom design treatments. Outstanding sound absorption and digital custom print quality. Also offers an impact resistant surface. Install to a maximum of 2.7 metres high by any width.