Ecophon 'Vista Wall Panel C' offers outstanding sound absorption performance and the highest standard of finish. Available in the stunning 'Texona', neutral 'Akutext FT' and patterned 'Muralis' surface finishes.

The Ecophon ‘Vista Wall Panel C’ acoustic wall panel range is used as vertical absorbers in conjunction with, or instead of, a sound absorbing ceiling. Guaranteeing excellent acoustic properties this product is used when a very high standard of finish is required whilst also representing excellent value for money. The Vista acoustic panelling system comprises a demountable panel system with a fine pencil line joint detail where the panels meet.

The visible surface is available in a choice of Texona (glass fibre fabric), Super G (impact resistant glass fibre fabric), designer pattern Muralis or Akutex FT. Each of these surfaces are available in an excellent range of contemporary colours with a highly effective glass-fibre sound insulation core.


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