Ecophon Focus Wing

Hanging Acoustic Ceiling System

Focus Wing

The Ecophon Focus Wing is a system of wing-shaped absorbers for free-hanging suspended ceilings.
Used in conjunction with Ecophon Focus Ds or E, the system is installed as the perimeter of a floating ceiling and consists of Ecophon Connect grid systems and Ecophon Focus Wing elements weighing approximately 1 kg/m.
Where a ceiling plane is interrupted, e.g. by stairs or windows, the wing-shaped finish creates an opportunity to provide a clear definition for the openings. With its soft, precise form, Ecophon Focus Wing is an attractive way of emphasising both daylight and artificial light.
Patented in Sweden, the grid system is manufactured from galvanized steel, and the elements made from a high density acoustic glass wool with a Akutex FT acoustic surface coating.


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