Ecophon Solo

Sound Absorbing Hanging Acoustic Panels

The Ecophon Solo hanging acoustic panel offers unrivalled sound absorption performance and a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

A horizontal element with straight painted edges, the clean appearance of the Ecophon Solo is heightened by the lack of profiles surrounding the edges. The product is now available in virtually any shape or size within 2.4m x 1.2m x 40mm thick, making it an extremely flexible solution for any type of space.

As the product is suspended below the soffit it has the added benefit of absorbing sound on all sides making it an extremely effective sound absorber. The Solo panel, more than any other, makes a dramatic difference when installed to highly reverberant or echoey spaces.

The Ecophon Solo acoustic panels are manufactured from a high-density glass wool, and the weight of the system is 6 kg for the standard 1200mm x 1200mm and 11.5 kg for the 2400mm x 1200mm panels.

There are 3 new fixing methods making it easier to use vertically for wall installations as well as the most common method of horizontal ceiling applications. The panels have a glass-fibre core and are available in a range of colours from the Akutex FT surface technology range.

Ecophon Solo is the ultimate in cost effective sound absorption with Class A+ rating, whilst offering fantastic design flexibility.


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Ecophon Solo