Acoustic Art Panels

ReSpace 'AcousticArt' Printed Panels 

Our range of sound absorbing 'AcousticArt' custom printed panels is the most comprehensive available anywhere. 

We have developed the most successful method of printing onto acoustic fabrics, whilst also retaining the highest acoustical performance. Using the very latest printing techniques, we can create framed or frameless acoustic panel artwork to virtually any size.

You provide any high resolution image and we can produce your acoustic artwork or branding to virtually any size.

Custom printed acoustic art panels have been in the market place for some time. We believe the reason they have not been used more often is simply because the quality / resolution of the fabric printing has not been to a high enough standard, furthermore, the printing process reduced acoustic performance or effectiveness of absorption. We offer a wide range of acoustic artwork panels where these issues are no longer a concern for architects, designers and end users.

We offer Class A sound absorbing wall panelling systems, of varying types including oversize large scale digital prints, stretched frame panel systems and individual framed and unframed panels.

We are excited about this range of products, developed to be high quality, high performing and cost effective. Combine your sound control solutions with pieces of art, graphics and branding. Never compromise on your room aesthetics when introducing acoustic wall panels for sound absorption and the control of echo.


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AcousticArt 'Super'

Large scale digital print acoustic panels. Class A sound absorption & impact resistant woven glass fibre surface