Acoustic Assessment

UK Room Acoustic Assessment

We offer a comprehensive and unique specialist acoustic assessment service for clients experiencing all kinds of noise problems.

We have simplified this often over-complicated process by offering our clients specialist acoustic advice on two key acoustic problems, the transfer of sound (sound proofing) and room echo / reverberation (sound absorbency).

For both of these acoustic problems we provide our clients with a survey and assessment of the existing space, and crucially, a comprehensive solution to achieve the correct level of acoustics for the desired use of the space. This proposal will include a detailed acoustic design and a full and detailed specification of acoustics treatment products.

We provide all our clients with calculated acoustic assessment results, showing the existing pre-treated reverberation time and projected reverberation time after our suggested treatment for spaces suffering from high reverberation times (echo).

Survey > Assessment > Design > Solution

The unique part of our acoustic assessment service is that we offer it to new clients, free of charge!...

... why do we do this?, simply because given the opportunity to assess your projects problem - we are confident that you will ask us to carry out the acoustic treatment works we propose.

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