Room Acoustic Design

Designing Rooms for the Eyes & Ears

We focus on design to ensure your space not only sounds better, but looks better too.

Every proposal we submit includes a high quality CAD plan that shows in detail the quantity and placement of acoustic products. Product images, technical information and acoustic performance are also included on all our plans, which are also used by our fitters as installation drawings.

Fundamentally we ensure that any acoustic installation we design provides the perfect listening environment. This includes ensuring that we have proposed the right products for the space and that those products tackle a number of different factors such as speech clarity, reverberation, auditory strength and spacial decay.

We work closely with our clients and architects to create solutions that either enhance the aesthetics of the space or cleverly blend in with the existing decor.

Our designers have an excellent knowledge of all of the acoustic product systems in the marketplace. We proudly believe our in-house design team offers the finest acoustic design service available.

As with all of our preliminary services, our clients do not pay for our designs, it comes as part of the package should the project proceed.

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