Room Treatments

Acoustic Treatment for Every Room Type

Many different types of room suffer from poor acoustics. 

In modern buildings, including offices, schools, restaurants and halls, there is an increasing use of hard surfaces. 

ReSpace Acoustics advise our clients on the best way to tackle rooms suffering from poor acoustics. We provide consultation explaining in simple terms what will be required to achieve acoustic comfort for the specific use a room or rooms. We always ensure our proposals meet with standards and guidelines such as BB93 for schools.

We pride ourselves on offering unique solutions perfectly tailored, sympathetic and individual to every space.

We have noise solutions for Halls, Offices, Schools, Restaurants and Studio's


Application examples: -

Commercial - Offices with good acoustics help to reduce distractions and stress levels of staff, increasing productivity, as well as improving privacy and confidentiality.

Education - Schools with good acoustics help the teacher to be heard clearly by students. Maximising their ability to receive information and learn effectively as well as reducing a teachers strain to express their message. This has been backed up by government school acoustics legislation BB93, aimed at ensuring all schools have an effective acoustic installations.

Restaurant - A restaurant with good acoustics ensures that a restaurant customer enjoys their meal without the unwanted noisy reverberation of sound that can be very uncomfortable. A restaurant with good acoustics already has a big customer satisfaction advantage over those that don't.

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