Meeting Room Acoustics

UK Meeting Room Acoustic Treatments

We offer stylish and cost effective acoustic solutions for the creation of perfect sound environments in all types of meeting room, conference room and boardroom.

Meeting room acoustics are often overlooked in the office design process. As soon as the room is put into operation, we find that the acoustic issue becomes a very high priority. With the increased use of audio visual end teleconferencing technology it is more important than ever that rooms do not suffer from echo and there is excellent speech clarity in meeting rooms. We believe getting the acoustics right in meeting rooms is one of the most important environments to address.

We provide a fast response service for rectifying new or existing meeting room acoustic problems, with fast track turnaround survey, assessment, design and quotation. We focus on the following key acoustic issues: -

> Sound Proofing | Ensuring there is sufficient sound isolation to rooms, maximising speech privacy and reducing disturbance to adjacent rooms.

> Reverberation Tim (echo) | We target a room reverberation time of 0.5 to 0.6 secs. for outstanding speech clarity for all types of meeting. We achieve this with the correct quantity and placement of sound absorption materials.

> Aesthetics | We pride ourselves on delivering a solution with a focus on design. We always look to enhance the aesthetics of the meeting room, working with our clients to deliver an enhanced experience for the ears and the eyes.

Video and telephone conferencing systems allow the modern company to thrive globally. Our expertise has taken us into the global virtual meeting room sector, where we ensure  poor speech intelligibility is not suffered in TelePresence meeting room facilities.

Whether you are a small creative team, or a large blue-chip company requiring a hotline to Silicon Valley, ReSpace Acoustics have a wide-range of cost-effective solutions to make sure that each meeting is set up with the perfect sound environment.