Office Acoustics

UK Office Acoustic Treatments

Providing a quality acoustic environment in the office is one of the most rewarding investments a business can make. We can help you create acoustic comfort in your office.

Many studies over the years have proved that office noise has a detrimental effect on staff productivity and performance. Poor office acoustics ultimately results in a lack of efficiency and results in a less profitable business.

Our Treatment Solutions Include: -

> Open plan offices
> Boardroom, meeting Rooms & AV rooms
> Corridors, common parts, stairwells & atria
> Staff restaurants & canteens
> Quiet zones & soft seating areas
> Reception & waiting areas
> Print & copy rooms

The modern theme for office design, for some time, has been open-planned, promoting inclusive and collaborative working. This has in turn led to many more complaints about noise in open plan offices.

From large open plan office environments to small cellular offices and meeting rooms suffering from echo, we offer guidance with survey, assessment, product specifying, through to specialist installation.